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Additional Valet Information

Parking Perfection

At Butler Valet, we understand that enjoyable, hassle–free arrival and departure is an essential part of your guests’ overall experience. The responsibility of caring for something as personal and valuable as an automobile is not taken lightly. Butler Valet is a family–owned and operated business founded by experienced service professionals that play a hands–on role in each and every parking event.

A Unique Approach
Unlike other valet companies, Butler Valet begins each job with a thorough event evaluation. Drawing from our years of experience, we consider event size, timing and guest flow as part of our comprehensive planning process.

No Worries
Butler Valets conducts an onsite check in advance of the event to determine the optimal staffing levels and traffic flow, and most importantly, plan for the unexpected. We are committed to delivering a superior parking experience under any circumstances.

Flawless Presentation
Our staff of parking service professionals understands the importance of positive face–to–face interaction and presentation. Each member of our team is trained to exude a sophisticated and charismatic demeanor while establishing a level of trust with your guests.

Customized Service And Pricing
Butler takes pride in being the most flexible and resourceful parking services company in the Pacific Northwest. We work within virtually any budget to find a parking solution that meets your needs.

Butler's Promise To You

  • Experienced and courteous valet professionals
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fully insured
  • A written agreement outlining all costs

Additional Services Available

  • Shuttle Service     
  • Golf Cart Service     
  • Parking Security     
  • Butler Parking Greeters     
  • The Designated Butler     
  • Traffic Marshalling
  • Umbrella Service
  • Parking Logistics
  • Door Security

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