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Wedding photo booths: Helpful Hints and Tips

Photo booths are a fun way to entertain guests during your wedding reception. They give your guests something to occupy their time while your finishing up photos or need a break from getting down on the dance floor. Also, they make great keepsake wedding favors. These strips of photos are fun alternatives to the traditional guest book. With so many different photo booth styles, you can really incorporate them into your wedding theme and decor.

Photo Booth Styles:

  • Stand-alone photo booths: these curtain style booths can accommodate up to 4 guests conformably, and traditionally feature black curtaining.
  • Green-screen photo booth: this booth uses green screen photographic technology by taking photos of people in front of a green background and then replaces the green background with a new background image, such as the Louvre or the Superbowl.
  • Classic arcade-style photo booth: ideal for 1-4 people, these full-enclosed metal booths offer a bench for seating.
  • Open air photo booth: open all sides, this style allows for the most amount of people to be captured in one frame and versatility for location, as this booth style uses its surroundings at your wedding as the backdrop. This option is popular for those couples wanting to customize their backdrop for the photos with such things as vertically hanging garlands or fabric and outdoor weddings, as you can take advantage of the natural surroundings.  


Grab a prop and strike a pose! From mustaches to fun hats, picture frame cutouts, boas, stick props, masks, chalkboard to bubble signs, jumbo or sunglasses, photo booth props are a fun element to add in to the fun of the photo itself.  

7 Questions to Ask:

  1. Does the photo booth company offers custom headers? Many let you personalize your photo strips with custom logos, wedding dates, initials and so forth.
  2. Do they offer social media integration with instant email, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feeds?
  3. How much space will they require for their set up? 
  4. Will there be an attendant operating the booth? And if so, what attire will they be in?
  5. What is included in the price? Many companies offer "Add-ons" such as guest books.
  6. How can you access your photos? Will you receive them on a DVD or via an online gallery?
  7. Do you carry insurance? Remember you get what you pay for more often than not.

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