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Wedding 101: Hiring A Professional Musician For Your Wedding

Nothing beats being greeted with live music from the moment guests arrive to the last dance and can really help set the mood and theme of your wedding. There are a variety of musical styles to choose from including individual pianists, guitarists, harpists, trumpeters, string quartets, vocalists and more.  Are you having a Spanish inspired affair? Think about including a strolling guitarist.  Be creative with your selection of musicians and songs. You'll enjoy selecting music with special meaning for you and your partner.

Prelude music is a nice touch as the guests are being escorted into your ceremony area. This music is usually a softer background type of sound that allows for guests to talk among themselves.  Prelude music typically starts a half hour before the ceremony start time.

Ceremony music is when musicians play as part of the wedding ceremony itself.  When getting married at a church or by a clergyman be sure to see if there are any restrictions on music. Some ministers insist on approving all the music prior to the ceremony. Your favorite love song may seem offensive to the clergy; neither you nor your musicians will enjoy any last-minute confrontations.

Cocktail Hour music helps keep spirits up and builds the festive party atmosphere while you and your wedding party is away having photos taken.

Reception music during the dinner portion should mimic prelude music in that it should be a more gentle background sound allowing for guests to talk comfortably without having to shout across the table.  However, after the meal portion has concluded, it’s time to get people on the dance floor, and get the joint jumping! 

10 Questions to ask your Band/Musicians:

  1. How much time do you need to set up?
  2. How much space will you require for playing? 
  3. How many people are in your group? Are the different options for musicians/instruments we can hire?
  4. How do you handle requests?
  5. Do you take breaks?
  6. Have you played at my venue before? Do you know it’s acoustic, power and amplification requirements?
  7. Do you bring your own equipment or do we need to rent any instruments and equipment for you? (such as a piano and speakers)
  8. Do you have insurance?
  9. What attire/uniform do you wear?
  10. Can you play for both the ceremony and reception?

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