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Wedding 101: Contracts

wedding contracts

Contracts can be the most confusing and difficult part of planning a wedding, but they need not be. Keep in mind that this is a business arrangement. You're the customer and you are contracting with certain businesses to provide the services you request on a certain date, at a certain time, and within a certain budget. Contracts are a must when doing business with the all types of wedding-related services. A contract will spell out everything in black and white. Remember, estimates are your first step, but nothing is final until you sign a contract and put down a deposit.

Make sure you don't sign something that you haven't thoroughly read or don't understand. Never sign a contract that makes you feel uncomfortable or that you can't afford. A contract is a legally binding document that commits you to the service or provider. Be well informed about what you are signing; ask questions, or take a copy of it home to look over if you have any hesitation at all. Be sure the contract spells everything out including refunds and damages if something happens to the venue or supplier and they cancel or can't fulfill their part of the agreement.

In most cases a deposit is required to place an order formally or to reserve a certain date. Couples make the common mistake of assuming that the reception site is reserved based on a verbal commitment for date and time. The agreement is not always valid, let alone recorded, until after the deposit has been received. Do not make cash deposits. Always use a check or charge card so that you have a legal record of money changing hands.

Every contract should include a cancellation and refund policy that outlines what refunds or penalties you will incur if you or the vendor cancels.

Always remember that you're the customer! Even though this can be an emotional time, don't settle for less than what was contracted for. Insist on the best service and accept nothing less. You may be spending more money on this one day than most people spend in a year! Make the most of your investment and do it your way.

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