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Plan The Ulitmate (and safe) Bachelorette Party!

Whether it is a themed party in your own home or a night out on the town, there are things you should keep in mind for making your girlfriend’s bachelorette party a success!

Things to keep in mind:

  • You need a designated driver
  • Make activities fun and have a plan
  • Think of an exciting theme
  • Have a few set destinations-but be flexible
  • Plan according to your Bachelorette’s personality
  • You need a spot to crash
  • Bachelorettes should never pay for anything
  • Remember to bring fun props for the night
*Hire a Driver! Rent a chaperoned van, limo, or hire one of your guy friends to drive you around all night. It will be fun for him to see the action take place in between bars and clubs, plus if you pay him for the night what has he got to lose?

*Plan Some Tasks For the Night. These can be dependant on the theme, but should be something that is fun yet still somewhat innocent. They should involve the bride talking and interacting with other people (especially other men in the bar)! You should also incorporate amusing props into the mix as well.

* Whether it is Survivor or Prisoner of Love, your party needs a theme! A theme will add organization and flow to your party right from the start. It is important because you can revolve the bars you attend, props you have, movies/music you watch/listen to, how you dress, and where you go to dinner all around your theme. The closer everything is related to the theme, the more fun and creative the night will be. Your bride will love that you organized everything and took the time to plan it out right down to the fuzzy handcuffs she is toting around all night! Some people plan their soirees around the bride’s favorite television shows, fiancée’s profession, or a fantasy theme. Whatever you do, make it fun!

*It’s all about the destinations. You want to venture to places that won’t care that you are having a bachelorette party and are going to be acting silly. Low-key, laid-back places with lots of cute single men are always a plus (and if you know of any please let us know!) Also, places that are in congruence with your theme, with cool bartenders that will play along with your games, or with a generally fun party group are good picks. Avoid upper scale venues with an “after-work” crowd. Let the bachelorette pick some of her favorite places, or plan on going to some of her favorite spots. Allow flexibility in case of long lines or busy bars.

*Incorporate her Personality. This is key. If your girlfriend isn’t having fun at her own party why should anyone else be having fun? The last thing you want is for her to be on her phone all night with her fiancée because she feels guilty. Make sure she is up for the events you have planned. You can easily give her an idea of how the night is going to pan out without giving away any fun surprises. If she doesn’t seem comfortable with doing the “last night as a single woman” thing, make alternate ideas that are a little milder. On the other hand, if she is just playing shy and you can tell she really wants to have fun, put on a little pressure. Make sure your games are nothing that would actually get her into trouble with her fiancée. Also, if she doesn’t want a stripper, don’t force one on her!

*Choose a spot to call it a night. Also quite important, whether you are all a tad on the inebriated side or just plain worn out, it is fun to hit the sack all together. Plan to have a slumber party like the old days or rent out a few hotel rooms downtown. Either way, you will have an opportunity to recap the events of the night, which always proves to provide more than a few laughs. Some people like to bring a video camera along throughout the night and record highlights. Whip it out again at the sleepover to re-watch the highlights or tape some more. If any of the girlfriends are particularly good at A/V have them make a copy for each friend in attendance possibly set to music, or just with commentary made throughout the night. This makes a fun memento that everyone can share.

*She shouldn’t pay! This may differ among groups of friends, but it is sort of like a 21st birthday. It only really happens once (hopefully!) Either way, it is a nice gesture if everyone pools together to buy favors, food, and drinks (unless the guys in the bar are willing-it is her last night she can enjoy a beverage from a strange man!). To save money on hotels, sleep at one of the attendees houses-or cram as many girls in a suite as you can.

* Props. These of course depend on the theme, angle of the party, and the bachelorette’s preferences. They range anywhere from the veil she is required to prance around in, the games to play throughout the night, to other attire she will be forced to put on (and take off) through the games and tasks. These are generally inexpensive and can add lots of fun to the party. Everyone will know you are at a bachelorette party if she has the veil on, so don’t worry about what other people in the bar are thinking. With all of the stress that is involved in planning a wedding, the bride will need a girl’s night out. She will be so thankful for the time out with friends that the details won’t even matter. But just for your sake, be a good friend and make it a night to remember. There are tons of websites online for finding ideas for the perfect theme, as well as funny games and stories about past parties. For some great ideas check out these sites:


Prepare Yourself For Stress-Free "I Dos

This page has been updated, please visit our updated Helpful Hints and Tips about Wedding Ceremony Planning page HERE.


On Ice

Ice Carving is a specialty art form. From the casting of the crystal clear block of ice to the careful hand-carving process, each piece is individually created and individually unique.

Ice carvings make spectacular centerpieces: Used as the centerpiece of your buffet table, an ice carving dramatically enhances your decor.

Select from a variety of styles: Ice carvings come in every shape and size, from elegant winged birds to romantic hearts, woven baskets containing floral arrangements to specially carved wine baskets.

Ice carvings last: six to nine hours indoors, and up to four hours outdoors in the sun without losing their shape.

Be sure to notify your caterer or facility coordinator that you will be using an ice carving so that your buffet table can be well laid-out and placed near an electrical outlet. Ice carvings are shown at their best when lighted from underneath.

Have your ice carver coordinate the delivery and set-up with your caterer. You don't want your ice carving delivered too early or too late. Your caterer is the best person to coordinate delivery times and set-up requirements.

Ask about having your ice carving created on-site: Your guests will enjoy watching as your block of ice turns into a work of art.

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