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On Ice

Ice Carving is a specialty art form. From the casting of the crystal clear block of ice to the careful hand-carving process, each piece is individually created and individually unique.

Ice carvings make spectacular centerpieces: Used as the centerpiece of your buffet table, an ice carving dramatically enhances your decor.

Select from a variety of styles: Ice carvings come in every shape and size, from elegant winged birds to romantic hearts, woven baskets containing floral arrangements to specially carved wine baskets.

Ice carvings last: six to nine hours indoors, and up to four hours outdoors in the sun without losing their shape.

Be sure to notify your caterer or facility coordinator that you will be using an ice carving so that your buffet table can be well laid-out and placed near an electrical outlet. Ice carvings are shown at their best when lighted from underneath.

Have your ice carver coordinate the delivery and set-up with your caterer. You don't want your ice carving delivered too early or too late. Your caterer is the best person to coordinate delivery times and set-up requirements.

Ask about having your ice carving created on-site: Your guests will enjoy watching as your block of ice turns into a work of art.

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