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Wedding Day Shape Up

Do you want to get in tip-top shape for your wedding? Do you have some stress you need to relieve? Then, Hot Yoga or Pilates is the popular and perfect way to help you achieve your best look for your wedding. Everyone dreads going to the gym sometime or another, but these workouts promise to be activities you will actually look forward to! Next to shopping and traveling, women all over the country are starting to take up Pilates and or Yoga as their new favorite pastimes. Despite popular belief, there is no ideal body type or flexibility level needed to begin these fitness routines; however, in just a few classes most people are bound to see major improvements.

If you’re already experienced or you just want an intense workout, then Hot Yoga is a great option. In a room heated to over 100 degrees, this exercise is designed to work every muscle, joint, and organ in the body. It involves a flowing sequence of postures designed to promote upper and lower body strength, balance, and flexibility. Believe it or not, Hot Yoga is considered a cardio workout that can sustain an elevated heart rate if practiced properly. If you want to coordinate the mind, body, and spirit then this is definitely for you. The greatest part of all? It is estimated that for a 135-pound woman, you can burn around 600 calories in a single 90-minute session!

Another great workout option is Pilates, which is one of the fastest growing forms of exercise in the world. Pilates allows the body to work several muscle groups at the same time, while improving core (abdominal) strength, flexibility, agility and range of motion. It can even help alleviate back pain and other chronic ailments! Pilates also elongates and strengthens muscles; without “bulking up.” Want to get close to having rock hard abs for your honeymoon? Get to a Pilates class immediately!

Hot Tip: While both fitness options are wonderful ways to get in shape, it is always important to talk to your doctor before working out. It is also advised that people who wish to start yoga do not have any severe joint problems. Keep in mind that eating habits are also vital to your workout. Not only will these exercises cleanse your mind, Pilates and Yoga will quickly begin making improvements on your body with the right amount of dedication. If you want to tone up or feel more in shape, these options will be perfect for you and your future husband

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