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Capturing Magical Moments with Videography

Video has become the "catch-all" term for a variety of new formats. Before you hire a videographer, determine if you want your wedding mastered to videotape, DVD, or something else. Once you have determined the format, your interviewing process becomes easier!

Why video? A video of your wedding or other special occasion will allow you to relive it time and time again. Copies of the wedding video also make great gifts.

A good recommendation: Store one copy of your video in a safe place. Many times one wears out or becomes lost in a move. In years to come you will want to share your wedding day with your children.
Why hire a professional? They have the technical equipment and professional skills to create a professional video. Ask what kind of equipment they have. Take the time to view video samples from other events they have done; it will be worth your time. Check the background of the company or individual: Have they been professionally trained, or are they self-taught?

Don't take the chance of letting an amateur practice his or her video skills at your event. Your video might be out of focus, the shots might be all wrong, or it may be too dark. This is not to say that you can't have a friend or family member videotape, but remember there's only one chance to get it right.

Research the different packages: Packages that offer two video cameras provide different perspectives. With only one camera, you can't tape the processional and be at the altar in time to catch every special close-up shot. Two camera locations offer different views of the wedding that can be edited down to only the best shots. After a wedding is over, many brides and grooms comment, "The day went so fast, it was just a blur." A videotape can put the whole day back into focus. NOTE: You'll want to coordinate your videographer's needs with those of your photographer to avoid confusion or bad feelings on the wedding day.

Traditions first, then have fun! After the meal, cut the cake, then immediately start the first dance, followed by throwing the bouquet and garter, etc. If these events progress smoothly one after another, the traditions blend into the receptions more spontaneous fun, and you may only need your photographer and videographer for one to two hours at the reception - instead of three or four.

A special package or an hourly rate? Figure the prices for both hourly and special package rates. You may pay just as much for a package, and an hourly rate might allow you to custom design a package better suited to your needs.

Clarify your expectations: Be sure to discuss your ideal video with your videographer - do you want sentimental, glittery, romantic, story, or interview style? Ask to view some different types of videos he or she has done.

Interviewing guests: Consider interviewing guests at the reception. It's enjoyable to hear people's remarks about your special day, and interviews also entertain your guests.

Low lighting: A candlelit ceremony may not provide adequate light for your videographer to work. He or she may need to bring additional lighting that could cancel out the desired candlelit atmosphere. Be sure to discuss lighting requirements well in advance so that everything meets your approval.

10 Crucial Questions to ask your Videographer:

  1. How many weddings have you shot and do you have references?
  2. Do you create and stick to a schedule?
  3. Do you have your own equipment?
  4. How do you handle lighting changes?
  5. What type of editing do you do?
  6. Have your shot at my venue before?
  7. Do you take a break?
  8. Do you have an assistant?
  9. What do you wear?
  10. Can I see a demo?

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