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Wedding Tip #13 - Wedding Day Music | B&E Lucky in Love Blog

Advice to Help You Through the Wedding Planning Process


Wedding Tip #13 - Wedding Day Music | B&E Lucky in Love Blog

Wedding Day Music - Music breaks down into 3 main parts: Prelude, Processional, and Recessional Music. 

  • Prelude music tends to be quieter, allowing guests to still talk softly among themselves as guests continue to arrive.
  • Processional music is the song(s) your wedding party walks down the isle too. 
  • Recessional music, often the most exuberant of all the music, is played when the wedding party then exits.
  • Music can also be played during special moments, like the sand ceremony or signing of the marriage certificate.

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Wedding Tip #75 - Approve Your Music Selections with Clergy | Lucky in Love Blog

Advice to help you through the wedding planning process


Wedding Tip #75 - Approve Your Music Selections with Clergy

Approve your music selections with clergy ~ Make sure your clergyman is aware of your music selections. Ask about any restrictions on music. Some ministers or priests insist on approving all the music prior to the ceremony. Your favorite love sing may seem offensive to the clergyman; none concerned would enjoy a last-minute confrontation.

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The Best Father Daughter Dance Songs

Buzzfeed has collected "144 Swoon-Worthy Songs for Every Part of Your Wedding Day" that will surely inspire you in your quest to find the perfect processional melody and those can't not get up and dance, dance floor jams.  Today we wanted to focus on one of our favorite traditional parts of the wedding reception - the father daughter dance and what to think about when choosing the perfect song for you and your dad.  

Choosing the right music is very important over all, as it sets the mood for what is going on and feel of your wedding day. The father-daughter song choice is especially significant because you don't want a romantic song but you still want it to be special, memorable, and even nostalgic.  Depending on the type of bride you are, you may want to use this song to convey how you will always be 'his girl' or how he will lock "The Way You Look Tonight"  into his memories as you two twirl around the dance floor.  We think including dear old dad in the decicion is not only a great way to include him in the planning process but it will also make the moment even more special and perhaps lead to a few "practice" sways together.  

No matter what you choose, rock, pop, rap, classical, folk, or country, enjoy finding the one that is right for you!   

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