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We Think You'll Love...Lilimandrill

Lise Grossmann, an artist we found on Etsy, has the most amazing gift to offer you. She makes the cutest hand carved wooden stamps that have you and your loved ones faces on them! We think these are adorable and a real sweet way to add another personal touch to invites, programs, and thank you cards. They are very reasonably priced and include a heart stamp, and a lovely wooden box to keep them in. To see all Lise has to offer check out her shop on Etsy.


We Think You'll Love...Lovely Blossom

Lovely Blossom has a limited selection on her Etsy account, but what she does showcase are stunning items! Lovely Blossom handcrafts each bouquet to customize your wedding. The bouquets sparkle with Swarovski crystals and are topped with pearls, and don't forget to add some feathers! How cool is that?? With more and more brides opting for broach and fabric bouquets, we think these are right up your alley!

Lovely BlossomLovely BlossomLovely Blossom

all images via Lovely Blossom


We Think You'll Love...Rent The Runway!

Rent The Runway was born in New York City when co founders Jenn Hyman and Jenny Fleiss teamed up to make it possible for all of us to feel like a star walking the red carpet. Now we have the ability to answer the question "what designer are you wearing," without breaking the bank!

Rent The Runway allows the everyday woman to rent designer gowns for a special occassion. When the event is over, just ship it back! After all, who really wears a fancy gown twice anyhow? We are taken aback by this innovative idea and great selection of high end beautiful garments. Get all the details on their website, and also be sure to check out their designer jewelry options to finish your look! Here are a few of our favorite pieces for your next upcoming event!


We Think You'll!

In 2008 two fun and color inspired stylists from L.A. starting creating very unique hair pieces and now have a wonderful website where you can ooh and awe over their designs and creations. Some of these pieces are vintage inspired, and handmade, check out black label it's our favorite. We think now is a perfect time to browse their bridal collection, or perhaps find a unique and festive hair accessory for that new years eve party that's just around the corner. For all the pieces has to offer check out all there labels at their website!

bridal hair


bridal hair


We Think You'll Love...Paper Quilling

For those who aren't familiar with the concept of Paper Quilling also known as paper filagree, paper quilling is an art form that is mainly used with strips of paper glued ornately to make decorative designs. Paper quilling is becoming more and more popular in the wedding industry to add just a little more uniquness to wedding invites, marriage certificates, and can even be used for wedding cakes! We just love this look and think we'll be seeing more and more of this art form in weddings to come.

paper quilling

paper quilling

Marriage Certificate by Ann Martin
Cake Design by Kaylas Cakes


Introducing You To Rue

A while back we introduced you to Nesting Newbies, one of our favorite online magazines. Today we are pleased to present you with another online publication called Rue.

Rue is all about design, fashion and what's hot now, three of our favorite things. The brainchild of Crystal Gentilello and Anne Sage, Rue is fresh, filled with great ideas and because it's on online magazine...absoultely free.

What more could you want?

rue magazine


rue magazine

rue magazine

rue magazine



We Think You'll Love...


We don't just think...we KNOW you'll love this new online magazine called Nesting Newbies. Nesting Newbies presents women just like yourself, with great ideas on entertaining, home decor, cooking and more. It is a fabulous find and a great source for inspiration and motivation.

Don't just take our word for it though, take a look at these fabulous tablescapes featured in their latest issue.