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The Flavors of Fall: November Cocktails | B&E Lucky in Love Blog

Fall Flavor Cocktails


All the Flavors of Fall are represented in this months November Cocktails. From apples, to cranberries and pumpkins, we're giving thanks for all things Autumn flavored. In this month of giving thanks, we are thankful for our followers and clients, and raise a glass to you all and say Thank You!

In the season of thanksgiving, don't forget the etiquette for writing your wedding thank you notes. It's a (poor) myth that you have up to a year to send them out. A good rule of thumb is within 3 months of returning from your honeymoon. Follow our thank you advice and template and pour yourself a glass, or two, of one of these yummy fall inspired cocktails, and you'll be set to enjoy your newly-wedded bliss!


The Flavors of Fall: November Cocktails | B&E Lucky in Love Blog

{Image Sources: 1. Cider Rum Punch via Brit+Co; 2. Boozy Pumpkin Hot Chocolate via Minimalist Baker; 3. Cranberry Thyme Gin and Tonic via A Cozy Kitchen; 4. Pumpkin Beermosas via Growing Up Gabel

  1. Cider Rum Punch via Brit+Co: A twist on the traditional hot rum punch, this rum, lemon juice, apple cider and fresh apple slices cocktail warms the consumer from the inside. The addition of thyme gives it an herbaceous kick that pairs perfectly with turkey.
  2. Boozy Pumpkin Hot Chocolate via Minimalist Baker: This isn't the hot chocolate of your childhood. This cocoa is elevated with the use of white chocolate, pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice and Bourbon. 
  3. Cranberry Thyme Gin and Tonic via A Cozy Kitchen: You can't have turkey without cranberries, and we like ours in an old fashioned glass over ice! This thanksgiving take on the tradition gin and tonic, features fresh cranberries, orange juice, vanilla extract, thyme and of course, gin and tonic. 
  4. Pumpkin Beermosas via Growing Up Gabel: It's pumpkin season and you can find it everywhere from your coffee to your beers. We're fans of Redhook Brewery's Out of Your Gourd Pumpkin Porter on it's own but we're here to help you find the perfect cocktail hour, or signature drink (it's a tough job but somebody has to do it!) so when we found this pumpkin beer & pumpkin juice recipe we had to give it a try. 

Will you be trying the Pumpkin Beermosa or Boozy Pumpkin Hot Chocolate this season? We think these drinks embody the flavors of Fall and pair perfectly for all celebrations surrounding your wedding from the bridal shower to the morning after present opening brunch.


August Cocktails | Lucky in Love Blog

Signature Summer Drinks for your Wedding Cocktail Hour


It's the last month of Summer and we aren't ready quite yet to say goodbye and welcome Fall. So we're savoring the last few weeks of peak season fruit and have four delicious August Cocktails to ease our feels to share with you. These drinks will help you hang onto those summer days before the seasons change and make writing all those thank you for the wedding gift notes just a little easier. Featuring the last of summer fruits bounty, these drinks feature peaces, blackberries, blueberries and our favorite herb, lavender.



August Cocktails from B&E Lucky in Love Wedding Resource

{Image Sources: 1. Blackberry Bramble via Feasting at Home; 2. Peach Gin Fizz via Freutcake: 3. Grilled Peach & Rosemary Prosecco via Will Cook For Friends; 4. Vodka Pear Lavender Lemonade via Sugar & Cloth}


  1. Blackberry Bramble via Feasting at Home: Blackberries, Gin, Blackberry Liquor, simple syrup, fresh lemon juice and ginger soda make this refreshing summertime cocktail more than worth the sticker bush prinks and cuts from blackberry picking.
  2. Peach Gin Fizz via Freutcake: This peach, simple syrup, gin and club soda fizz is kicked up a notch on the "pretty" factor with the garnish of sliced peaches and bright blue blueberries and think it's the perfect signature cocktail for a Peach and Navy Wedding.
  3. Grilled Peach & Rosemary Prosecco via Will Cook For Friends: Summer's not over yet, so don't store away that bar-b-que just yet.  This peach, rosemary simple syrup, and Prosecco cocktail brings out the natural sweetness of its peaches by grilling them. 
  4. Vodka Pear Lavender Lemonade via Sugar & Cloth: A perfect pair - pear and lavender! Pear juice, vodka, lemon juice, and lavender simply syrup are just like you and your fiance, a perfect pair! 

What's your favorite end of Summer drink?



July Cocktails

We're tickled pink with this months featured cocktails. These refreshing drinks are sure to help cool you down on these hot summer days. Spicy elements including jalapeno, and summertime fruits including peaches, watermelon and grapefruit make our July cocktails the perfect addition to your pink wedding cocktail hour.


Summer cocktails from B&E Lucky in Love Wedding Blog

{Image Source: 1. Peach Bourbon Thyme Smash via A Healthy Life For Me, 2. The Firecracker via Creative Culinary, 3. Frose´ via W&P Design, 4. Jalapeno Grapefruit Margarita via Eat Well 101}


  1. Peach Bourbon Thyme Smash via A Healthy Life For Me: The start of summer means peaches are coming into their peak season. This summertime refresher packs quite the punch with its fresh peach juice, bourbon, thyme and a spicy jalapeno simple syrup.
  2. The Firecracker via Creative Culinary: We're enjoying exploring flavored voldka's, it's a tough job but someone has to do it! So after a long day of searching for the perfect wedding cocktails we indulge in a little DIY spa-time and throw a couple cucumbers on our eyes... perfect for those left over cucumber slices from this watermelon, lime and cucumber cocktail. 
  3. Frose´ via W&P Design: "Summer Water" aka Rose' is the highlight of this grown-up slushy cocktail featuring dry rose', lemon juice and Vergano Americano Chinato.
  4. Jalepeno Grapefruit Margarita via Eat Well 101: What gives a magargita more kick? Adding freshly sliced jalapeno! They're the perfect compliment to the sweetly sour grapefruit and tequila combination.

May Cocktails

This month our May Cocktails explore the sweet and sour side of signature cocktails. Plus they all feature an orange-hue, from pale to predominate, perfect for that signature cocktail to serve at your wedding or bridal shower that will compliment your Spring apricot, cantaloupe, coral, tangerine, peach echo, cadmium orange, or salmon wedding color palette.



Orange Cocktails

{Image Sources: 1. Grapefruit Sage Mimosa via Shannon Kristen; 2. Shut Your Piehole via One Sweet Mess; 3. Honey Paloma via The Little Epicurean; 4. Sidecar Citrus via ehow}

  1. Grapefruit Sage Mimosa via Shannon Kristen: Elevate your mimosa mornings! This grapefruit sage mimosa substitutes grapefruit juice for the traditional orange juice and receives a garnish of fresh sage to kick up the pretty factor.
  2. Shut Your Piehole via One Sweet Mess: Why eat pie when you can drink one instead?! The Shut Your Piehole, aka the Cherry Pie Cocktail, is one boozy drink that tastes just like grandma's cherry pie - if grandma's pie were made out of cherry-infused whiskey, amaretto, bourbon, pineapple juice, grenadine and club soda that is!  
  3. Honey Paloma via The Little Epicurean: The Honey Paloma is like a margarita but sweeter... and tarter, with the use of fresh grapefruit juice and honey, along with the other traditional margarita flavors of lime juice and tequila.  We especially love the use of grapefruit infused salt as we're defiantly a salt on the rim type of tequila drinkers!
  4. Sidecar Citrus via ehow: Brandy, Patron, orange and lemon juice mix together not only to make the most lovely pale orange color, but also is the perfect pairing of liquors and citrus on the tongue pallet too. 

What’s on Tap - B&E Spotlight on Mobile Mavens Lil Blue

Lil Blue mobile bar

What's better than a mobile food truck you ask? How about a mobile bar!

We're predicting mobile bar service is going to be the hottest new wedding craze and Mobile Mavens has it covered. You must to read their "love at first sight" story about Lil Blue here.

Now picture it, a little piece of history in powder blue with many stories to tell pulls up to your wedding venue and in a matter of minutes is transformed into the coolest mobile bar. A craft bartender appears and as your guests arrive, they are welcomed with your signature craft cocktail (the Bride Bellini or Grooms Gin Ricky anyone?).

Did we happen to mention Half Pint, Lil Blue's side kick? Half Pint is the perfect addition to your wedding and is the most adorable way Mobile Mavens uses to transport cold beverages to your special day.

Book this duo today and your party will be the talk of the town! Cheers!

Learn more about Lil Blue at

Lil Blue menu


April Cocktails

Ready to welcome Spring with some refreshing cocktails? We sure are! This month we are inspired by the thought of sipping our favorite Spring and Summertime drink, a sweet and tart lemonade.  Not only does this months cocktails share a lemony base, they also share a spicy twist with the addition of a spice, root or herb.

Can you think of anything sweeter to sip with your sweetie while working on those wedding details?!



April Cocktails

{Image Sources: 1. Cardamom Rose Cocktail via Design Sponge; 2. Honey Bee Martini via Marla Meredith; 3. Naughty or Nice Gin Lemonade via Port and Fin; 4. Sparkling Ginger Mint Juleps via Gimme Some Oven}

  1. Cardamom Rose Cocktail via Design Sponge: Gin, Rose syrup, fresh lemon & grapefruit juice, seltzer water, bitters and cardamom combine to make this spicy citrus cocktail perfect to sip while going over whose on the wedding invitation list!
  2. Honey Bee Martini via Marla Meredith: We think this cocktail makes the perfect spring and summertime cocktail for your wedding reception as it is just as quenching made with and without alcohol. A mix of lemon juice, coconut vodka, water and lavender honey create this adult honey lemonade martini. Substitute the coconut vodka for coconut water and even your youngest guests will be able to raise a toast to your happiness.
  3. Naughty or Nice Gin Lemonade via Port and Fin: There's nothing naughty about this ginger simple syrup, lemon juice, and bourbon cocktail in our opinions! 
  4. Sparkling Ginger Mint Juleps via Gimme Some Oven: A twist on a classic mint julep, this sparkling ginger mint julep features ginger beer instead of the traditional simple syrup.



March Cocktails

Sometimes the garnish makes the drink. Garnishes can include fruit slices, twists, flowers, salts, sugars, and herbs. This month we're featuring four cocktails that feature herbal garnishes that accentuate the citrus base of each drink. Pretty and fragrant our March Cocktails celebrate late Winter and hint at what flavors Spring will bring.



March cocktails

{Image Sources: 1. Scissors and Sage Photo by Jayme Henderson; 2. Style Me Pretty Photo by Lark & Linen; 3. Martha Stewart Photo by Marcus Nillson; 4. Two-Tarts}


  1. Blood Orange Whiskey Cocktail via Scissors and Sage: Blood oranges are in peak season from December through May and are the perfect citrus to transition from Winter to Spring in our opinion, which makes this Whiskey cocktail the perfect March drink with it's blend of flavors of whiskey, blood oranges, lemon juice, agave nectar, orange bitters, Amaro Nonino Quintessentia and thyme.
  2. Blackberry Thyme Champagne via Style Me Pretty: As you know, we always think Champs is a good idea! And this cocktail is another great addition to our champagne cocktail collection, as is the blackberry simply syrup that accompanies it. 
  3. Juniper Champagne Cocktail via Martha Stewart: A perfect way to bid ado to winter, this juniper berry, sparkling wine and pine sprig cocktail is the perfect way to toast an end to the evergreen season.
  4. Winter Sun Cocktail via Two-Tarts: Featuring clementines, lemon, triple sec, vodka and rosemary this drink is sweet, tart & herbal.