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Helpful Hints on How to be a Glowing Bride!

Feeling confident on your wedding day and looking you're very best will make you truly feel like the belle of the ball. After all when you look good, you feel good! Here are a few Helpful Hints on how to get yourself looking and feeling amazing!

Eat right and get enough sleep: It gets very hectic prior to the wedding with all the planning and parties. Be sure to take care of yourself! Eat right and get enough sleep. You'll need every ounce of energy. And, of course, you want to look your very best on this special day.

Pamper yourself: A couple of weeks before the wedding, take time to pamper yourself. Schedule a massage to relieve tension and stress. A facial is wonderful for your skin, but be sure to allow some time for your face to benefit from it. Avoid using unfamiliar products too close to the wedding, in case your skin has an allergic reaction to them. Prepare your hands and nails with a manicure. A pedicure will do wonders for your feet and toes for the honeymoon.

Hair consultation: When you have selected your headpiece, make an appointment for a consultation with your hairdresser. This allows time to experiment with different hairstyles that complement your face and work well with the headpiece. This way there are no "surprise" hairstyles the morning of your wedding. You and your hairdresser should agree on the style and look you want well in advance. Also make sure your hairstyle will look as beautiful without the headpiece.

Makeup consultation: A makeup consultation can help you apply makeup in a natural and flattering way that will highlight your best features. The photographer may ask for a heavier application for the photos. Ask the consultant how the best look can be obtained without overdoing it.

Bridesmaid lunch and manicure: A fun idea is to take your bridesmaids to lunch and then treat them to a manicure. This usually takes place a day or two before the wedding, or sometimes is scheduled the morning of the wedding. For parties of three or more, it is best to schedule an appointment at least three months in advance.

On-site beauty service: Many salons and beauty consultants offer hairstyling and makeup for you and your bridesmaids at the ceremony site for a fee according to services, number of people, and travel time.


Well Groomed!

Photo via Green Wedding Shoes

More and more we are seeing suits as the style for grooms and their men, so consider all of these rules applied to the store or website that you and your hubby choose from

Selecting formalwear: Numerous styles of formalwear are available to consider. The formalwear shop or retail/online store you choose can suggest styles and colors appropriate to the time of day. Even though etiquette books specify what the groom and groomsmen should wear, almost anything is acceptable today. Accessories may be rented or purchased to match the bridesmaids' dresses, or even ordered specially if you can't find the desired color. Although the bride should assist in choosing the groom's attire, make sure that he is comfortable with the style selected.

Questions to ask:  Are the locations convenient for the groomsmen? Shipping time has to be considered if ordering online, in case it isn't exactly what you were looking for. What is the price, and what does that include? Finally, you must decide if you feel comfortable and confident that the store will deliver what you ordered.

Customized look for groom and groomsmen: formalwear has progressed considerably. The personalities of the groom and groomsmen can emerge without too much deviation from traditional styles. Paisley, plaid or polka dot cummerbunds and bow ties add a special flair. At the reception, the groom can be less formal and put on sporty or Disney® character accessories. Check out all the new styles and sensations available in formalwear today.

Out-of-town groomsmen and ushers: If groomsmen and ushers live out-of-town, make sure you can supply them with measurement cards of some sort. Any clothing or alterations shop in the groomsman's hometown should be able to do a fitting. It is imperative that these gentlemen take the time to try on their entire tuxedos/suits when they pick them up!

Bring extra socks: Have the groom buy a few extra pairs of socks that match the formalwear. Be sure these extra socks are available where the groomsmen plan to dress. Inevitably someone will show up with only white athletic socks. This may seem a minor point, but white socks stick out like a sore thumb in photographs.



Who Pays For What??

Now these are general guidelines to go by, of course things should be discussed by you and your fiance to feel out everyones financial stand point.

The division of expenses depends on the financial ability of the bride, groom, and their respective families. Sit down and discuss the type of wedding you want to have and use the following list of items so participants can choose what they would like to pay for. Remember that the reception can sometimes amount to 50% or more of your total expenses. If your costs need to be reduced, you may want to change to a less formal reception.

The bride and her family's expenses traditionally include:

  • the wedding gown and accessories
  • invitations and personal stationery
  • flowers for the church, reception, and wedding attendants
  • photographs
  • video
  • reception, including room charge, food, beverages, wedding cake and food servers
  • music
  • transportation for wedding attendants to church and reception
  • gifts for bridesmaids
  • accommodations for bridesmaids, if necessary

The groom and his family's expenses are normally:

  • groom's wedding attire
  • the clergy or judge's fees
  • the marriage license
  • all honeymoon expenses
  • bride's bouquet and going-away corsage and both mothers' corsages
  • boutonnieres for groomsmen
  • groomsmen gifts
  • rehearsal dinner
  • accommodations for attendants, if necessary

The wedding attendants' expenses are:

  • wedding attire
  • traveling expenses
  • wedding gift

Guidelines For Your Rental Needs!

Here we are with another Helpful Hint, please visit our Rental Companies section for Seattle's top rental companies and they will be sure to help you in your rental planning process!

Rental stores carry almost everything, from candelabras to coffee makers. They feature specialty wedding items for your ceremony and reception. You'll find such things as serviceware, portable bars, arches, tents, chairs, tables and all the tableware, dishes, glassware, flatware, and much more. Many shops also carry disposable paper products, decorations, and a selection of bridal accessories.

Visit a rental shop while planning: It's smart to visit a showroom for ideas, and to see the types and styles of merchandise and equipment in stock. Brochures describe all the different items available for rent: style, colors, sizes and prices. Rental shops also offer terrific decorating ideas. Meet with one of the shop's consultants and discuss your wedding plans step-by-step. They can help you select just the right wedding items to suit your style and taste, as well as help you determine quantities needed.

Decide on formality and budget: Keep in mind the colors and decor of your site. Pick linens or paper products and tableware that will complement the room. Prices vary depending on the formality you choose; cloth linens will be more expensive than disposable tablecloths.

Rental items for all occasions: Don't forget the rental store for all your wedding-related party needs - rehearsal dinner, showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and theme parties.

Deposits, delivery, and setup: Reserve your items as far in advance as possible, especially during the summer months when outdoor weddings are popular. A deposit will secure the order for your date; a limited number of heart-shaped candelabras is available, and items are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Most items require a charge for delivery, setup, and pickup. Make sure you ask in advance about these charges, and include them in your budget. You can also make arrangements to pick up and return the items yourself.

Tent rental: A tent often serves as an ideal back up location for an outdoor wedding or reception, in case of unsuitable weather conditions. Many tents feature transparent vinyl siding that can be raised and lowered as needed. A tent supplier can recommend sources for any portable heating or air conditioning that you might need.

Important Note: Never use canvas tents treated with mineral oil for waterproofing; they are extremely flammable.

Tent Capacities: The following are estimated capacities for tents of typical sizes under normal conditions:

16' x 16' accommodates 45 reception, 32 buffet with seating, 24 served dinner 20' x 20' accommodates 65 reception, 56 buffet with seating, 40 served dinner 20' x 30' accommodates 100 reception, 86 buffet with seating, 60 served dinner 30' x 30' accommodates 180 reception, 124 buffet w/seating, 100 served dinner 40' x 40' accommodates 350 reception, 280 buffet w/seating, 240 served dinner

Choosing a Tent Site: When arranging tents with a single transparent vinyl side, consider the position of the sun during your event; if the clear portion faces due west through an evening reception, the sunset may be blinding. Also, be certain that you do not pitch your tent over low or uneven ground that might accumulate water runoff.

Returning items: If you don't arrange delivery and pickup services with the rental company, you will want to put someone in charge of picking up and returning the rented items for you. You will be responsible and may forfeit any deposit for items that are damaged, broken, lost, or late. Make sure you inform your parents ahead of time, or assign a reliable friend to keep track of rented items and return them safely to the place they were rented from.


Planning a perfect rehearsal dinner!

Today we are gonna share some helpful tips about planning and preparing for your rehearsal dinner, make sure you check out our featured rehearsal dinner sites section. For more helpful hints and tips check out our HH section!

Photo credit : Ivars Salmon House

Some of the most interesting and attractive facilities accommodate smaller groups (under 75 guests). Designed for banquets, rehearsal dinners, bridesmaid showers, and other events, these sites are often in great demand. Reserve your date as soon as possible, especially if it's during a busy time.

Have your ideal banquet in mind: Before you start looking for a facility, determine exactly what type of event you want to have and how many people will be attending. You may envision something small and intimate, but the guest list may become larger than the facility can accommodate.

Visit the Rehearsal Dinner location: An on-site inspection allows you to narrow down your options before you reserve the facility-or send a deposit. Introduce the person who is paying the bill to the person-in-charge at your rehearsal dinner. If your guests ask for special items the staff knows whom to ask for approval.

Preferred vendors: Be sure to ask whether the facility you select has a list of preferred vendors they work with. It is often easier to have vendors who are familiar with the facility's set-up than to have someone who has never worked there before. Also keep in mind that some companies only allow you to work with vendors from their preferred list.

An opportunity to show appreciation: Take time at your rehearsal dinner to express your appreciation to your parents and guests, especially those who came a long distance. Each bridesmaid and groomsman should receive a gift at this time; try to personalize these gifts as much as possible.

Budget: Once you've set your budget, stick to it! Always obtain a detailed written estimate that includes any gratuities or taxes. Ask if the quoted price includes beverage, setup, tables and chairs, linens, etc.

Restrictions on music: Some facilities have restrictions on the type of music that can be performed. A facility in a residential neighborhood may allow a string quartet, but not a band or DJ. Most facilities, regardless of size, have cut-off times for any type of music. Be specific about your plans to avoid surprises later.


A Guide To Planning a Destination Wedding

There is a definite rise in the destination weddings, where a couple invites, say, 20 of their nearest and dearest on a mini-vacation. The ceremony itself, the reception, and the honeymoon all occur over a long weekend, along with other destination wedding activities designed to bring the revelers together.

The etiquette of a destination wedding generally calls for invited guests to pay their own airfare. The bride and groom pick up the tab for the lodging, food, and beverages at a destination wedding.

It's smart for a couple planning a destination wedding to negotiate a discounted rate for booking multiple rooms and also check with airlines to determine if group airfare rates are available.

For one destination wedding, the couple can send invitees a questionnaire beforehand to determine each guest's special interests in order to construct an itinerary. Another great enticement in choosing a destination resort for your wedding are all of the opportunities you and your guests will have to snorkel, SCUBA dive, play tennis, lay in the sun, surf, play beach volleyball, or horseback ride.

Couples planning a destination wedding without the help of a consultant can work with a hotel's concierge, wedding planner, or banquet planner. Do call an area's Tourist Office to learn the legal requirements for marrying in the destination. Make sure you check the residency requirements as in the case of the carribean a three-day residency prior to the ceremony, plus proof of citizenship, and completing several other documents are required, as well as a nominal fee.

Click here to find the perfect destination location for you wedding!


We Think You'll Love...Paper Quilling

For those who aren't familiar with the concept of Paper Quilling also known as paper filagree, paper quilling is an art form that is mainly used with strips of paper glued ornately to make decorative designs. Paper quilling is becoming more and more popular in the wedding industry to add just a little more uniquness to wedding invites, marriage certificates, and can even be used for wedding cakes! We just love this look and think we'll be seeing more and more of this art form in weddings to come.

paper quilling

paper quilling

Marriage Certificate by Ann Martin
Cake Design by Kaylas Cakes