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We Think You'll Love...Mama Bleu Designs!

Mama Bleu Designs create handmade, personalized bridesmaid clutches as well as decor for your home or wedding accents! We are always trying to find unique and personal touches for our readers and we love Mama Blue Designs clutches!


Friday Feature...Catbird!

Today we are doing a fun little Friday feature on Catbird! Catbird is a lovely online shop full of talented designers. Some make jewelry and others offer home decor and gift goods! We think they have some really cute finds so are featuring just a few of our favs! Enjoy and have fun checking out the rest of their things at their site.


We Think You'll Love...Angee W!

Angee W's Etsy shop is filled with hand made clutch bag's and accessories. These items are designed uniquely and beautifully so head on over to check out the entire collection! Enjoy your Monday Etsy find!


We Think You'll Love...BellaPuzzles!

BellaPuzzles has an amazing photo wedding puzzle. What an awesome gift book...guests sign on the back of a piece and may write a little something sweet! You can choose words or shapes to make a puzzle your own. We think this is such a special gift that you could frame and keep as an heirloom! We were also thinking that someone who is searching for a fun way to propose could surely do something charming with a little help from BellaPuzzles!


We Think You'll Love...Lolis Creations! 

Loliscreations is yet another fabulous Etsy find. Loliscreations creates one-of-a-kind bridal purses! We are always looking to find ways to help our Lucky in Love readers make things about their wedding experience more memorable or personal. With Loliscreations you pick out the design and as an added touch, she offers custom tags that can be embroidered! How cute are they? For all of Loliscreations check out her shop on Etsy!


We Think You'll Love...Antiquaria!

Owners Bailey Amon and Emma Jane have been collecing antique china, pyrex, and dish patterns for years. They have know started Antiquaria to share their findings! Antiquaria offers eclectic mixes of home decor, vintage, china sets, and one-of-a-kind pieces! We think this is a lovely and unique gift registry. Everything offered on the site is available for registry. To see all the pretties Antiquaria has to offer check out their website!

 Shop Antiquaria


We Think You'll Love...(love)Mae!

Mae is an austrailian based company that makes reusable, scrunchable fabric wall and mini decals! We truly LOVE MAE! Designed with children in mind, three friends brought together these whimsical designs that are just precious. We think these are a great buy for anyone, they are completely reusable and with the proper care will last for years!