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We Think You'll Love...GoGoSnap!

Yet another wonderful find through Etsy, GoGoSnap's shop is a treasure! Julie Fisher is a long time collector and admirer of antique paper and photos. She also happens to be an art director so her goal is to always achieve true vintage design. Everything she has is just lovely. From save the dates to fans we think GoGoSnap is an artful girl's dream come true. Julie is always adding to her collection so make sure you keep in touch with her shop on Etsy!


We Think You'll Love...Wendy Jung Ceramics

Wendy Jung has some beautiful nightlights that give off such a soft glow. We think you will find these as magical as we do. There is something about these ceramic masterpiece's that is sure to make your decor have an added warmth. Such a great summer idea for your reception! To see all of Wendy's creations make sure you check out her shop on Etsy!


We Think You'll Love...Lilimandrill

Lise Grossmann, an artist we found on Etsy, has the most amazing gift to offer you. She makes the cutest hand carved wooden stamps that have you and your loved ones faces on them! We think these are adorable and a real sweet way to add another personal touch to invites, programs, and thank you cards. They are very reasonably priced and include a heart stamp, and a lovely wooden box to keep them in. To see all Lise has to offer check out her shop on Etsy.


We Think You'll Love...(love)Mae!

Mae is an austrailian based company that makes reusable, scrunchable fabric wall and mini decals! We truly LOVE MAE! Designed with children in mind, three friends brought together these whimsical designs that are just precious. We think these are a great buy for anyone, they are completely reusable and with the proper care will last for years!



Dress State of Mind

There is no doubt about it...we love creativity. And today's post celebrates the creativity of installation and performance artist, Robin Barcus Slonina. Robin, has taken on the project of creating a site-specific, interactive "dress" sculpture in each of the fifty states in the USA. Over the last few years, Robin has created a garbage bag dress, pine cone dress, poker chip dress, willow dress, corn husk dress, white pine dress, second hand woven dress, and grass dress. You can follow her on her journey here.


Courtney Khail Stationary, Works Of Art

We love it when we stumble upon something that is truly unique and undeniably beautiful. The stationary and wedding invitations by Courtney Khail are just that. These outrageously stunning works of art, possess a hand-made quality without looking...can we say schmultzy? Designed by Courtney Khail, an artist in her own right, these invitations are created specifically for you. Each 100% cotton card combines hand drawn illustrations, ink, and watercolor to produce a unique hand painted work of art where no two are exactly the same. According to the designer, they "strive to create pieces that are truly representational of you and your event; pieces that are not tossed away, but instead saved and cherished. That way, you do more than just send a letter or invitation—you give the gift of art as well."





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