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Customized Guest Book

Looking for a creative way to present a guest book at your wedding? Check out where you can create your very own personalized store-quality book in soft or hard cover. Book templates are available for 20-440 page counts and are priced per book and range from $12.95 to $64.95 depending on the book size and page count. Fill your book with old and new photos, stories, captions, and sentiments. Make a wedding book, guestbook, shower book, bridal party gift book, “how we met” book, or a honeymoon book. You can even chronicle your entire wedding planning process that you can share with your children someday.

Just download the Blurb BookSmart Software, add photos, artwork and text and then order your very own customized book. You have complete creative control of your design and you'll receive your book in the mail in approximately 7 to 10 business days.

Why we love it? Since the books are printed on 80-pound paper with commercial printers, you'll get a bestseller look with construction paper prices!


Grand Opening of Waterways Carillon Point

Come celebrate the grand opening of Waterways Cruises Kirkland location at Carillon Point. Waterways Kirkland now offers regularly scheduled dining and sightseeing cruises as well as private events departing from Carillon Point. Waterways brings its expertise and service to the Eastside.

When: Wednesday, April 30
Time: 5-8 p.m.
Where: Pier-side at Carillon Point


Real Engagement: Katherine & Alex

Congratulations to Katherine Norkin and Alexander Stewart. Katherine and Alex are planning a wedding for August 22, 2009 in Snohomish, Washington.

How Alex proposed...
"I was flying down to California where Alex attends Fresno State to become a wine maker and be with him on my birthday. My birthday morning, Alex tells me we are going to take a trip to the beach. I pack everything and we head out. 3 hours later we arrive in Asilomar and Alex parks the car and tells me to wait. I have no idea what he is doing until he comes back with a room key and says that we are staying at this resort on the beach. I couldn't believe it, it was the most gorgeous place. [The next morning] Alex wakes up and says he heard the sunset there was amazing and he really wants to see it with me. I of course roll over and tell him it's too cold and I am tired. He freaks out a little and says, "no.. come on, it will be fun." After almost 10 mins of pursuading me to get up, I get up and we walk hand in hand down to the beach. We sat in the sand and I still didn't know why to this day that I didn't notice Alex being extremely silent. After the sunrise, we get up and start walking. Alex of course is lagging behind and anytime I looked at him he started to mumble that he loves me with all his heart, and that I am the girl of his dreams and how happy he is to have me. I of course say it all back in return and continue walking. At that moment, he turns to look at me and all at once...I knew. Before he could even ask yet, I start to tear up and he drops to his knee and asks me if I will be his wife..."

Read more about this couple>>


Mad Hatter Bridal Tea Party

Yesterday we blogged about throwing the ultimate Mad Hatter Bridal Tea Party. But what would a Mad Hatter Tea Party be without the over the top hats? Invite your guests to participate by bringing their own hat, or have hats already ready for them when they arrive.

The above hats are couture designs by Gena Conti
Top Left:
Georgena's Derby
Middle Left:
Bottom Left:
Top Right:
Middle Right:
Bottom Right:

A more modern and less expensive twist to the Mad Hatter Tea Party is to provide stylish headbands. Each guest can also take their headband home as a party favor.

The above head bands are available at Nordstrom
Top Left: Natasha Skinny Headband with Flower
Bottom Right: Cara Accessories Mod Flower Headband
Top Right: Tasha Butterfly Headband
Bottom Right: Tasha Leather Flower Headband


Spring Tea Party

The bridal shower is one of the only opportunities for women to gather together and participate in all things girly, so why not go all out with a tea party. And what better theme for a tea party than a mad hatter tea party just like in Alice in Wonderland? We can picture the tea and crumpets right now! Our all time favorite table decor for the ultimate tea party comes from a New York designer called MacKenzie-Childs. MacKenzie Childs is famous for their handmade tablewear and furniture and most of their designs resemble fantasy and frill to the maximum.

Above: Courtly Check
Made of Enamel
Twelve point gauge steel underbody with hand painted checks and ceramic glaze, rimmed in bronzed stainless steel.

Above: Freshly Picked
Made of Enamel
Twelve-gauge steel underbody with vegetable transfers and hand-painted stripes and dots.

Above: MacLachlan
Made of Ceramic Stonewear
Stoneware with hand painted spiral edge, floral, check and scenic ceramic ceramic transfers (front), marble ceramic transfer (back), gold lustre embellishments.

Above: Honeymoon
Made of Ceramic
Handmade and decorated majolica with ceramic floral transfers and gold lustre embellishments.

Above: Stemwear
Hand blown, hand-painted glass with gold lustre embellishments

Above: Furniture by MacKenzie-Childs


Inspired by a Peacock

Inspiration for your wedding theme and colors can come from anywhere, you just have be aware of your surroundings and start being creative. A theme and color scheme we love comes from the inspiration of a peacock feather. With its vibrant color combination in rich jewel tones, peacock feathers offer a regal color palate to inspire your wedding theme and design. Fortunately, many wedding invitation designers are also recognizing peacocks as a beautiful and unique theme for weddings and are creating invitations featuring peacocks and feathers.

Above: Enchanted Garden Invitation

Available at hello! Lucky
About: With its regal peacock and festive blooms, this wedding invitation sets the tone for a decadent affair.

Above: Peacock Wedding Invitations

Available at Etsy
About: Simple yet elegant , this design can be customized to match your event colors.

Above: Art Deco Peacock Invitations Available at Etsy
About: The design is a combination of antique prints, combined with Art Deco elements.

More peacock items...

Above: Peacock "Go Team" T-Shirts Available at Zazzle
About: Starts at $19.95 and is available in other colors. Great gift for your bridesmaids.

Table Setting, Photo Frame and Napkin Rings:
Available at Z Gallerie
Gift bag:
Available at Plum Party


Living the Life of a Vegan

Many women and men in today's society are vegans. Being a vegan is a lifestyle for most and not just a small part of one's day. So when it comes to high fashion, especially with shoes, its extremely difficult to find designer clothes made of alternative synthetic materials without compromising style. After all, many shoes are made of animal products such as leather, suede, crocodile skin, etc. That is until now. A new line through shoe designer, Te Casan, developed by actress Natalie Portman, offers high fashion shoewear made from entirely synthetic products.

And boy are they cute! Check out two of our favorites...