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Lucky Highlights


If The Shoe Fits...

If you are anything like us at you LOVE shoes. And what better day than your wedding day to splurge on some truly dynamite pumps? We found a shoe designer that we think you'll love. Shannon Britt specializes in elegant evening and bridal shoes and boy are they fantastic. Cinderella will have nothing on you!

Just look at these one-of-a-kind designs...


Black & White Takes the Cake

Simplicity is never understated. This may sound like a contradiction, but when it comes to color palettes for your wedding day decor and design, simplicity is often the most dramatic. Lately, we've noticed a common trend of brides choosing a very simplistic color palette but utilizing very dramatic shapes, textures and angles to create a dramatic effect. Today we'd like to show you some examples of truly amazing cakes that certainly draw attention, but only feature black, white and silver in the color palette.

Our first samples come from celebrity cake designer Ron Ben-Israel as featured in InStyle Weddings. Note in the cake to the left the alternation of round versus square designs with ornate design features also alternating in black and silver against a white backdrop. The cake to the left uses a narrow height to draw attention to the dramatic monogram detail at the top.

Patterned elements brought into cake designs using a black and white palette creates a striking effect. The cake to the left by Martine's Pastries, was inspired by the print on an Indian shawl.

There is nothing plain about this all-white cake by Carlos Bakery. Baker, Buddy Valastro uses texture and pattern to create a fully glamorous cake.

Here is another example of an all-white cake that uses patterns to create a dapper and sophisticated cake design. This cake by Cheryl Kleinman Cakes gained inspiration from a crisp tuxedo shirt.

Our last example comes from cake designer, Michelle Bommarito of Michelle Bommarito Cakes. Michelle gained inspiration from a lavish ball gown and translated the ornate black scroll pattern onto the backdrop of a fondant white cake.


Great Product Alert - Lapin Vilardi!

Let us introduce you to this hip travel accessory company, Lapin Vilardi. Lapin Vilardi creates adorable travel bags for women who like to keep thing organized and stylish all at the same time. Lapin Vilardi creates hip lingerie bags, shoe bags, cosmetic cases, laundry bags and more and they are all perfect additions for your honeymoon luggage.

Keep your delicate lingerie safe with these lingerie bags. Keep prying airport eyes at bay with this chic lingerie carryall that is both sexy and sweet. You can also store your belts and scarves.

Keep your bikinis neatly in order. If you want to change out of your wet bikini and head to dinner use these waterproof bikini bags to keep your damp suit from ruining your carryall.

We absolutely love these decorative laundry bags. Who wants their clean clothes intermixed with their dirty clothes? Ick! These laundry bags are the perfect solution.


Children at Weddings

In last Sunday's New York Times, an article was featured regarding inviting children to weddings and the proper etiquette that is involved. In the end it is truly up to the couple whether or not to invite children to your wedding, but we thought this article was very interesting and wanted to share it with you. We'd love to get your feedback on what your plans are for your wedding, so please leave a comment.

Read Article Here


Put Your Stamp On It

We'd like to introduce you to a great company specializing in "infinite one-of-a-kindness." Meet Zazzle, an online retail company selling one-of-a-kind products. We found these incredible wedding postage stamps and we know you'll love them. They are completely authorized by the United States Postal Service, so they are totally legit and ready for mailing.

Check out some of our favs...


We Think You'll Love...

We think you'll love these eco-friendly wedding favors and gifts from ecoparti.

Ecoparti offers biodegradable confetti in many colors. The confetti dissolves in water making it a smart choice for a fun and earth friendly bridal toss.

Other items available include rice paper napkins, rose petals, seed favors, milk soaps, and much more.


Leap of Love

We'd like to say Happy Anniversary to Penny and Scott Simmons today. Penny is the general manager at B&E and the mastermind of many of the ideas that pour out of the company. Scott and Penny were married on Leap Day, so this special occasion only comes around every four years!

Enjoy your day!