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Cascading Blooms

For true drama, nothing does the trick like a bouquet of cascading floral stems. Cascading bridal bouquets have been around for ages, but current floral designers have taken this age old tradition and given it a whole new twist. Gone are the days of dangling ribbon and tulle and its place are dramatic greens, long stemmed tropical flowers and even feathers. For the most dramatic effect, cascade your bouquet all the way to the ground.

Here are some examples of cascading blooms in all different color schemes and styles.

{Clockwise L to R: Brides, Photo by Bradley Hanson Photography, Photo by Bradley Hanson Photography, Brides}

{L to R: Cascading Tulips from Brides, Centerpiece from Brides}

{Images from Wedding Style Magazine}


The Modern Woman's Wedding Survival Kit: Day Three's wedding day survival kit has been assisting panicky brides prepare for their big day by packing a helpful kit of just-in-case-I-need-them-tools. Now comes our modern woman's survival kit for the weeks leading up to the wedding for all those potential pesky mishaps. Click here to read our Day Two tips.

Check back the rest of this week for more survival guides....

Mishap #5: You and your fiance have decided to have an outdoor wedding and have been praying for good weather since the day you set the date. But, now word comes from those happiness deflating weather forecasters that rain is in the forecast for your perfectly planned wedding day. Panic rears its ugly head.

What to do: You have two options. If a complete downpour is in the forecast for your wedding day, you may need to call a local rental company and order a tent. You'd be surprise at how many tenting options are available to you, in many unique styles. You can opt for side walls or and open canopy. And while you may expect the rate to be expensive, the cost of installing and renting a tent is probably more affordable than you think. Our next option, if only a light summer mist is in the forecast, is to rent or purchase stylish umbrellas that can handed out to each guest. You'd be surprised at what a charming and even attractive addition stylish umbrellas can be.
Where to get them: Visit under Rental Services for several options in tent rental. Or, check out Bella Umbrella for the most magnificent umbrellas you have ever seen. Don't believe us, visit their website and check them out.

Mishap #6: Its weeks before your wedding and you are so proud of the job you've done planning and how organized you've been. Then, out of the blue, one of your vendors calls and has to regrettably cancel on you due to an unforeseen emergency. You. Have. To. Be. Kidding.....Right?
How to deal: Wedding professional organizations are here to help. Immediately contact a local event specialist organization such as the International Special Events Society (I.S.E.S.), Meeting Professionals International (MPI), National Association of Catering Executives (NACE), Seattle Professional Photographers Association (SPPA) or the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC). Each of this stellar organizations has a network of resources available to you. If you should ever be caught in this hair raising predicament, these organizations can immediately contact vendors within their network to find an available replacement. And, because these organizations have requirements for inclusion, you can rest assured that the vendor they recommend are professional and fully qualified.


The Modern Woman's Wedding Survival Kit: Day Two's wedding day survival kit has been assisting panicky brides prepare for their big day by packing a helpful kit of just-in-case-I-need-them-tools. Now comes our modern woman's survival kit for the weeks leading up to the wedding for all those potential pesky mishaps. Click here to read our Day One tips.

Check back the rest of this week for more survival guides....

Mishap #4: Your fiance has just informed you that he would really prefer if you didn't check any baggage at the airport, but rather just carried on your luggage for your honeymoon. In your mind, you're picturing that 75 lbs bag of goodies and cosmetics you've already started to pack. And whatever will you do with all your cosmetics so they comply with the airport transportation restrictions? You feel a drop of sweat start to form on your brow.

What flies: While you are restricted to a small quart-size ziploc bag of liquids for airline travel, there are tricks to packing products that are perfectly acceptable and do not need to be included in your ziploc bag making space for the liquid items you can't live without.

Instead of using liquid foundation, we suggest changing to mineral or powder makeup. Our favorite by a mile is Bare Escentuals. Bare Escentuals is great because it still gives you the same coverage and even has SPF protection, but without feeling heavy. Even if you have blemished skin, Bare Escentuals covers discoloration and problem areas. If powders are just not your thing, also consider packing a stick foundation, such as the ones made by Shiseido, available in 10 shades.

Lip glosses may no longer be acceptable but good old fashioned lipsticks are. Lip glosses that are liquid or gels like Carmex or Blistex are not allowed, but a ChapStick in a stick form are permitted.

Instead of using a cleanser for makeup remover, pack face washing wipes by Ole Henriksen or Pond's Clean Sweep Makeup Removing Towelettes.

Pack a deodorant in a solid stick form rather than a mist or roll-on. Use a deodorant like Secret Invisible Solid. Also, check Sephora to see if your favorite perfume comes in a solid form. Chances are it might. Our favorite is L L.A.M.B. Fragrance By Gwen Stefani.

Many other products like shampoo, for instance, come in powder form. Try Song of India's Powder Shampoo in various scents or Oscar Blandi's dry shampoo powder in travel size. Even toothpaste is acceptable when it comes in a powder form like Travelon's Powder Toothpaste substitute or Uncle Harry's Tooth Powder. Just dab it in water and brush as usual.

Other beauty products you may feel you need to fit into your carry on and perfectly acceptable by airlines are powdered concealers (Laura Mercier's Secret Brightening Powder), powdered hair revival products for oil absorption (Stila's Jade Blossom Hair Refresher), powdered face mask formulas (Uncle Harry's Sandlewood Face Mask), sticks of sunblock (Shady Day Sunscreen Stick-SPF 30 or Neutrogena's Healthy Defense Sunblock Stick-SPF 30), or a bronzer in stick form (Michael Kors Leg Shine).

Remember all other liquids you do bring in a ziploc bag must be 3 oz or less. Also, just as a refresher you are allowed to bring a disposable razor, tweezers, blunt scissors or those with blades shorter than 4", eyelash curlers, nail file, and nail clippers.

For a complete list of what you are allowed and the transportation guidelines, please visit

And for those of you who wear gell filled bras, don't worry, those are acceptable too.


The Modern Woman's Wedding Survival Kit: Day One's wedding day survival kit has been assisting panicky brides prepare for their big day by packing a helpful kit of just-in-case-I-need-them-tools. Now comes our modern woman's survival kit for the weeks leading up to the wedding for all those potential pesky mishaps.

Check back the rest of this week for more survival guides....

Mishap #1: You wake up one week before the wedding with a not-so-small blemish on your face. Whatever you do, do not perform surgery on your face trying to force it to go away. It will only get larger and less manageable. In the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the groom woke up with a zit on the day of his wedding and put a little Windex glass cleaner on it and it cleared right up. Remember, that was just a movie. You need a real solution and you need it fast.
What to use: Use a product with sulfur in it. Yes, we know this doesn't sound like a good idea, but sulfur is surprisingly really good for your complexion.
Products to try: Try Acne Spot Treatment gel from Murad. This product retails for $17.95 and is available online or at your local Bath & Body Works. Also, perform a masque treatment with Joey New York Pure Pore Masque. Joey's masque is a light formula that sooths your skin and brings back that natural bridal glow. The product also contains a small amount of sulfur you can expect it to help with pesky skin blemishes too. Retails for $28.

Mishap #2: Everyone and their mother has been throwing you a bridal shower and that means cake and calories. You've gained a couple extra unwanted pounds and now your wedding dress, that you've already gotten altered, is a tad bit snug. Who needs to breathe anyhow, right? WRONG! Being healthy is extremely important leading up to the weeks before your wedding, which means eating right and working out must be a priority. A healthy bride means a happy bride.
What to do: Work with a trainer. Sometimes just joining a gym isn't enough motivation to actually GO to the gym. So if you hire a trainer, who is usually available through your gym at no extra charge, you'll have someone to keep you accountable. Plus you can get their advice on nutrition and stress reducing tips to keep your body and your mind feeling strong. And here is a trick. The fastest way to lose weight is actually not through cardio (although very important for your heart health). Pure science shows the best way to lose unwanted pounds is to lift weights. But, there is a catch. You must always lift your maximum ability, meaning no longer can you lift low weight at high repetition. By lifting your maximum weight you are constantly gaining muscle. And unlike the calories you burn during a cardio workout that only actually burn calories during your exercise, muscles eat calories all day long. Even when you sleep! This is great news for anyone wanting to lose weight and still feed a healthy appetite. And don't worry about starting to look like a body builder. That's a complete myth. It's virtually impossible for a woman's body to develop that way without body enhancing drugs. So, throw that excuse out the window!
What we suggest: The Healthy Bride from founder Christi Masi is a fitness program designed just for brides so they know what kind of stress you are under and what your needs are. Talk to one of their trainers and start making a difference in your health today, not tomorrow.

Mishap #3: You've found the perfect shoes for your wedding day and have been walking around the house wearing them with extra thick socks hoping they will break-in. But, to no avail, the shoes that came straight from heaven are making your feet feel like he...., well you get the point. Do you suffer in the name of fashion, or give up your beautiful shoes for something more practical?
What to use: There's finally help for your aching feet. Try high heel inserts made by Insolia. Insolia products fundamentally change the inside of high heel shoes, shifting weight off the ball of the foot back to the heel. And get this, Insolia inserts were designed by a rocket scientist. Finally, someone who gets it!
Where to get them: You can pick up these foot savers at Walgreens, Fred Meyer or Target and they are only $9.99.


Layer By Layer

A current trend we are seeing in floral arranging is the layering of similar floral type and/or color to create rows and depth in the arrangement. By layering each flower type, each layer acts as an accent to make a particular flower or color stand out from the rest. The layered bouquet accentuates each flower type by creating a natural boundary. This floral arrangement is perfect if you have a favorite flower that you want to highlight in your bouquet and do not want to get lost in the mix of other surrounding flowers.

{Clockwise L to R: Top Row: Calla Lillies, Roses and Orchids from Brides; Roses and Hydgreaneas from Brides; Bottom Row: Roses, Herbs and Calla Lillies from Woodland Flowers; Green and blue layered bouquet from Wedding Style Magazine}

For even more creative designs, check out the below images. To the left is an alternative to the flower girl carrying a bouquet of her own. With this charming layered angel or butterfly wings made completely of flowers, the flower girl's attire blends perfectly with a garden theme wedding. To the right is an example of a bouquet that combines flowers and beads or jewels as a secondary layer in the same color scheme. Remember, bouquets do not need to be made entirely of flowers. Think outside the box. The only thing that matters is color, so experiment with other materials such as feathers, jewels, broaches, ribbons, fruit, berries, etc.

{Left: Butterfly Wings from Wedding Style Magazine; Right: Calla Lilly and Beaded Layered Bouquet from Wedding Style Magazine}


We Think You'll Love...

If you are anything like us, you wonder what to do with your pillowcases every day when you make your bed. Do you hide them behind large decorative pillows, put them in the closet, or stuff them under your bed just to get them out of the way? We think you'll love the solution we found.

Check out these clever pillowcases from Lush Designs. Put the two his and hers pillowcases together and they spell "Love." Express the way you feel everyday waking up each morning with the YOU love!


More Photo Books

Last week we blogged about an online photo book company where you can customize your own hardcover photo album or guestbook. We found another company called My Publisher that basically does the same thing but with more options for templates that we think you'll love. These are wonderful gifts for family members and are even great for just about any occasion.

The process is rather simple. Just download the software available for free on the My Publisher website. Use the software to select templates, fonts, colors and images. Once you have the book complete, just send it to press and in a week or so you'll be the heroine of your very own bestseller!

Here's a tip: We suggest making a vintage photo book to present at the guestbook table as guests arrive to your wedding. Fill it with old photographs of the couples in your and your fiances' family and if you can include their wedding photographs, the photo book will be extra special. You'll have this valuable keepsake for the rest of your life and be able to share it with generations to come.

Click here for a special coupon offer.