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More Photo Books

Last week we blogged about an online photo book company where you can customize your own hardcover photo album or guestbook. We found another company called My Publisher that basically does the same thing but with more options for templates that we think you'll love. These are wonderful gifts for family members and are even great for just about any occasion.

The process is rather simple. Just download the software available for free on the My Publisher website. Use the software to select templates, fonts, colors and images. Once you have the book complete, just send it to press and in a week or so you'll be the heroine of your very own bestseller!

Here's a tip: We suggest making a vintage photo book to present at the guestbook table as guests arrive to your wedding. Fill it with old photographs of the couples in your and your fiances' family and if you can include their wedding photographs, the photo book will be extra special. You'll have this valuable keepsake for the rest of your life and be able to share it with generations to come.

Click here for a special coupon offer.

Apr172008 Gets a Makeover!

Check out's new home page!

We've made planning your wedding even more simple with our easy to navigate wedding website. Let us know what you think.


Earth Day Style!

We all want to do our part to preserve the planet for future generations. In fact, our generation has the potential to make the greatest impact on preserving the Earth in all of history. What better day than on Earth Day (April 22, 2008) to step out and make a difference. One voice can change the perspective of thousands.

We found these great graphic tee shirts that express the values we represent and happen to be rather stylish. You've heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve....well, now its time to wear your cause on your chest.

Get your graphic-t's at Forever 21


Bridal Shower Games

A very common request we receive at is for bridal and bachelorette party games. We think just about everyone must be pretty tired of the toilet paper wedding dress game so we've done some investigating and found some great NEW game ideas for your party.

Great Icebreaker Game
Game: Table Topics Girl's Night Out
How it works: Table Topics comes with 135 questions to get people talking. Questions from Girls Night Out Table Topics such as "What would the perfect man be?" and "If you had to gain 10 pounds, what would you eat to gain the weight?" will give a new meaning to girl talk. Other editions include the Original edition, Book Club edition, Teen edition, Family edition, Couples edition and Spirit Edition.
Price: $24

Best Game To Make You Giggle
Game: Adult Bachelorette Bash Mad Libs
How it works: These are not your typical madlibs from gradeschool. These humorous and sometimes blush-worthy tales will have you giggling in under your breath humor in no time. Other fun party Mad Lib books include, "Party Girl Mad Libs," "Test Your Relationship I.Q. Mad Libs," "Keepers & Losers Mad Libs," and "Advice for the Lovelorn Made Libs."
Price: $3.99

Want a free version? Download's Mad Lib game and other fun downloadable games for free!

Best All-In-One Game
Game: Bachelorette Scratch Game Invitation Kit
How it works: Set includes 25 invitations, 25 envelopes, 19 bachelorette Bash Dare Scratch-off cards with crazy dares for the guests and the bride, and a dozen 2.25" Bachelorette Bash Pins
Price: $32.80

Night In or Night Out Game
Game: Unveiled Bachelorette Party Game
How it works: Unveiled can be used to organize any type of bachelorette party whether you head out for a night on the town or have a girls night in. Lose your inhibitions and celebrate the Bride-to-be by performing tasks that only a bachelorette party could make you do!
Price: $19.95

Looking for great bridal shower game ideas? Head to where the Best Freebie Bridal Shower Games are ready for download.


A Green Newlywed Home?

Enter to win HGTV's Green Home Giveaway. One lucky person will win a new GMC Yukon Hybrid and this beautifully furnished eco-friendly home in Tradition Hilton Head, S.C. It could be you!

So what does a Green Home look like?

Enter to win here!


Did You Know...

We have a hot insider tip for you!

Did you know that any day between 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. in May or June you can treat yourself to a $32 pedicure at Spaahh at Hotel 1000 and you'll also receive a free glass of champagne and an appetizer from the restaurant upstairs?

1000 First Ave
Seattle, WA
Make an appointment by calling: 206.357.9490


Are Veils A Thing of the Past? We Think Not.

What's a girl to do when when she has a flair for trends and fashion, but doesn't want to look "too trendy" on her wedding day? We suggest adding small touches of stylish trends to your overall look, without completely overdoing one style. Recently, since the wedding of actress Katherine Heigl of Grey's Anatomy, we have seen a sudden burst in the trend of vintage veils. If this current trend peeks your interest, but are worried that you'll look back 20 years from now and wonder why you didn't go a more classic route, we suggest wearing the vintage veil for only a portion of the event or adding it as a fun accessory during your portrait photography session only rather than the entire ceremony and reception. That way, you can take some memorable and stylish photographs, but also have a collection of photos for your album that represent a more traditional style.

Below are some examples of how vintage veils have made a comeback...

Vintage Veils by