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Layer By Layer

A current trend we are seeing in floral arranging is the layering of similar floral type and/or color to create rows and depth in the arrangement. By layering each flower type, each layer acts as an accent to make a particular flower or color stand out from the rest. The layered bouquet accentuates each flower type by creating a natural boundary. This floral arrangement is perfect if you have a favorite flower that you want to highlight in your bouquet and do not want to get lost in the mix of other surrounding flowers.

{Clockwise L to R: Top Row: Calla Lillies, Roses and Orchids from Brides; Roses and Hydgreaneas from Brides; Bottom Row: Roses, Herbs and Calla Lillies from Woodland Flowers; Green and blue layered bouquet from Wedding Style Magazine}

For even more creative designs, check out the below images. To the left is an alternative to the flower girl carrying a bouquet of her own. With this charming layered angel or butterfly wings made completely of flowers, the flower girl's attire blends perfectly with a garden theme wedding. To the right is an example of a bouquet that combines flowers and beads or jewels as a secondary layer in the same color scheme. Remember, bouquets do not need to be made entirely of flowers. Think outside the box. The only thing that matters is color, so experiment with other materials such as feathers, jewels, broaches, ribbons, fruit, berries, etc.

{Left: Butterfly Wings from Wedding Style Magazine; Right: Calla Lilly and Beaded Layered Bouquet from Wedding Style Magazine}


We Think You'll Love...

If you are anything like us, you wonder what to do with your pillowcases every day when you make your bed. Do you hide them behind large decorative pillows, put them in the closet, or stuff them under your bed just to get them out of the way? We think you'll love the solution we found.

Check out these clever pillowcases from Lush Designs. Put the two his and hers pillowcases together and they spell "Love." Express the way you feel everyday waking up each morning with the YOU love!


More Photo Books

Last week we blogged about an online photo book company where you can customize your own hardcover photo album or guestbook. We found another company called My Publisher that basically does the same thing but with more options for templates that we think you'll love. These are wonderful gifts for family members and are even great for just about any occasion.

The process is rather simple. Just download the software available for free on the My Publisher website. Use the software to select templates, fonts, colors and images. Once you have the book complete, just send it to press and in a week or so you'll be the heroine of your very own bestseller!

Here's a tip: We suggest making a vintage photo book to present at the guestbook table as guests arrive to your wedding. Fill it with old photographs of the couples in your and your fiances' family and if you can include their wedding photographs, the photo book will be extra special. You'll have this valuable keepsake for the rest of your life and be able to share it with generations to come.

Click here for a special coupon offer.

Apr172008 Gets a Makeover!

Check out's new home page!

We've made planning your wedding even more simple with our easy to navigate wedding website. Let us know what you think.


Earth Day Style!

We all want to do our part to preserve the planet for future generations. In fact, our generation has the potential to make the greatest impact on preserving the Earth in all of history. What better day than on Earth Day (April 22, 2008) to step out and make a difference. One voice can change the perspective of thousands.

We found these great graphic tee shirts that express the values we represent and happen to be rather stylish. You've heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve....well, now its time to wear your cause on your chest.

Get your graphic-t's at Forever 21


Bridal Shower Games

A very common request we receive at is for bridal and bachelorette party games. We think just about everyone must be pretty tired of the toilet paper wedding dress game so we've done some investigating and found some great NEW game ideas for your party.

Great Icebreaker Game
Game: Table Topics Girl's Night Out
How it works: Table Topics comes with 135 questions to get people talking. Questions from Girls Night Out Table Topics such as "What would the perfect man be?" and "If you had to gain 10 pounds, what would you eat to gain the weight?" will give a new meaning to girl talk. Other editions include the Original edition, Book Club edition, Teen edition, Family edition, Couples edition and Spirit Edition.
Price: $24

Best Game To Make You Giggle
Game: Adult Bachelorette Bash Mad Libs
How it works: These are not your typical madlibs from gradeschool. These humorous and sometimes blush-worthy tales will have you giggling in under your breath humor in no time. Other fun party Mad Lib books include, "Party Girl Mad Libs," "Test Your Relationship I.Q. Mad Libs," "Keepers & Losers Mad Libs," and "Advice for the Lovelorn Made Libs."
Price: $3.99

Want a free version? Download's Mad Lib game and other fun downloadable games for free!

Best All-In-One Game
Game: Bachelorette Scratch Game Invitation Kit
How it works: Set includes 25 invitations, 25 envelopes, 19 bachelorette Bash Dare Scratch-off cards with crazy dares for the guests and the bride, and a dozen 2.25" Bachelorette Bash Pins
Price: $32.80

Night In or Night Out Game
Game: Unveiled Bachelorette Party Game
How it works: Unveiled can be used to organize any type of bachelorette party whether you head out for a night on the town or have a girls night in. Lose your inhibitions and celebrate the Bride-to-be by performing tasks that only a bachelorette party could make you do!
Price: $19.95

Looking for great bridal shower game ideas? Head to where the Best Freebie Bridal Shower Games are ready for download.


A Green Newlywed Home?

Enter to win HGTV's Green Home Giveaway. One lucky person will win a new GMC Yukon Hybrid and this beautifully furnished eco-friendly home in Tradition Hilton Head, S.C. It could be you!

So what does a Green Home look like?

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