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Congratulations Katie and Dennis

Congratulations to Dennis and Katie Logan who were married on May 30, 2008. Dennis and Katie are now enjoying their European cruise honeymoon. We wish you all the best in your new life together!

And if you happen to be catching Wheel Of Fortune tonight, look for Katie as she appears as a contestant. Word is, she won big!


Great Beauty Secrets

For those of you who can wake up in the morning and look like Miss America without having to even try, this post may not be for you. But, if you are like the rest of us and are always looking for the best kept beauty secrets, you'll love what we've discovered for you.

Looking beautiful on your wedding day doesn't mean you have spend hundreds of dollars to create your look. We found some amazing beauty buys and want to share them with you!

Up first, check out this incredible color palate from the Color Institute available at Ulta. Regularly this 47 piece collection is already available at a great value, but now it's yours for only $4.99!

Sometimes that beautiful bridal glow everyone talks about doesn't always come naturally. So what's a bride to do who wants to shine on her wedding day? Try Global Goddess South Pacific Shimmer, available for $32. See right.

Who doesn't want sparkling white teeth on their wedding day. Now comes a beauty tool that allows you to brighten your teeth and your smile with one dual product. Brighten your smile on the go with Enbrightenment, Tarte's dual wand tube that holds goji-berry-infused gloss on one end and minty BriteSmile tooth whitener on the other. While the once-a-day application of the whitener can take up to two weeks to lighten fully, the blue undertones of the gloss instantly give the appearance of whiter teeth. Retails for $26.

If you love to live green, then you'll be delighted to use products by Physicians Formula. Physicians Formula has gone green with their new Organic Wear collection. Everything from foundation to bronzer to blush is made only of pure organic ingredients that are just as good for you as they are for the environment. Plus, the line's cute compacts use 93% less plastic than most cases! The pressed powder seen right, retails for $13.95.

If you are going for the blushing bride look, try Tarte's Cheek Stain. Tarte's latest cheek stain combines their most popular shades into a swirling stick to give skin a natural-looking flush. And the moisturizing formula is infused with goji berry and acai fruit extract to protect skin naturally. The Blushing Bride Tint Retails for $28.

Last but not least, the key to the ultimate wedding day radiance is to de-stress weeks before the big day. The best way to pamper your tense muscles is to lay in a bath of scented bubbles. Our pick for the most indulgent bubble bath collection is from Victoria's Secret. Turn the tub into your own secret garden with Victoria's Secret's foaming bubble bath scented with bouquets of alluring blooms. The ultra-moisturizing formula leaves your skin soft and your mind revitalized. Retails for $8.50.


Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

We love to see what bridal trends are popping up in other parts of the world. We found these incredible shots of the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week featuring gowns and designs by Gema Nicolas, Victorio & Lucchino, and Fuentecapala.

Click here to view more images from the show.


Lucky Tip: Use Lucky Crow Gift Bags

We found a really amazing company located in Portland, OR called Lucky Crow (great name) that creates the most charming and reusable gift bags we've ever seen. At we are all about recycling and doing our small part to preserve the environment. So when we hear about a company in the industry also doing their part, we just have to share them with you. Check out the many options Lucky Crow offers from tiny to large in fun and funky colors.

Choose from tons of different fabric selections. Lucky Crow even offers organic options.

Order yours online at


You Animal, You!

One trend that never seems to go out of style is animal print. From zebra stripes to leopard and giraffe spots, animal inspired clothing and accessories appear year after year in fashion magazines and runways. Dressing from head to toe in any animal print is obviously a fashion faux pas, but little well placed touches here and there are nothing short of magic.

Check out these hot finds we think you should be stowing away for your honeymoon.

Top Left: Safari Train Case available at Sephora, Retails for $78
Top Left Center: Rogan Leopard print monokini suit available at Target, Retails for $29.99
Top Center: Rogan Zebra print bathing suit available at Target, Retails for $34.99
Top Right: Rogan Giraffe print bikini available at Target, Retails for $16.99 each piece
Left Center: Rogan Leopard print beach towel available at Target, Retails for $24.99
Center: Summer Safari Bronzers available at Sephora, Retails for $16
Bottom Left: Safari Bag Collection - Zebra available at Sephora, Retails $5-$48
Bottom Right: Safari Bag Collection - Giraffe available at Sephora, Retails $5-$48

Top Row: Mossimo safari pumps available at Target, Retails for $26.99
Center Left: Women's Xhilaration® Tressa Thong Sandals - Zebra Print available at Target, Retails for $13.49
Center Right: Xhilaration® Sable Ballerina Flats - Leopard available at Target, Retails for $14.99

Top Left: Zebra print sunglasses available at White House Black Market, Retails for $14.99
Top Right: Safari Trail Sunglasses available at White House Black Market, Retails for $14.99
Bottom Left: Arbez Zebra Flip-Flop available at White House Black Market, Retails for $38
Bottom Right: Lightweight Snake Slide available at White House Black Market, Retails for $28

Top Left: Zebra Coin Purse available at White House Black Market, Retails for $18
Top Right: L.A.M.B Leopard print wallet available at Nordstrom, Retails for $175
Bottom Left: L.A.M.B. Handheld bag available at Nordstrom, Retails for $314
Bottom Right: MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Desert Patent Large' Satchel available at Nordstrom, Retails for $398

Top Left: Sequin Thin Animal Print Bangle available at Nordstrom, Retails for $28
Top Right: Kenneth Jay Lane Animal Print Enamel Bangle Bracelet available at Nordstrom, Retails for $65-$78
Bottom Left: Sequin Thick Animal Print Bangle available at Nordstrom, Retails for $38
Bottom Right: Betsey Johnson Oversized Zebra Stripe Hoops available at Nordstrom, Retails for $35


Wall Art

Decorating your new home as newlyweds is an incredibly exciting process. You have the opportunity to start with a clean slate in design and have the freedom to be as innovative as you want. But sometimes, as a newlywed couple your funds may be limited. You may be purchasing your first starter home, condo or townhouse, renting an apartment or living in a friends basement. Whatever the case, you'll want to be creative in your design choices so that you can make the most of a small budget.

We have a solution to filling up empty walls without spending a lot of cash - and the results are nothing short of amazing.

Painting your walls is one of the least expensive methods of dressing up a room. And one way to add detail is through stenciling, murals or decals. We're not talking about the old fashion wall art either so stop picturing flowers and ribbons stenciled on your walls. New options in wall art are available to you in several styles including, mod, modern, traditional, classical, French provincial and more.

Here are some of our favorites!

It is what it is: a really really big tree stencil. And that's not all that exciting. Until you break out the paint and create a whole forest on your bedroom wall. And then it's the best thing ever! Easy to use and use again, let your creativity blossom! Retails for $125 at Urban Outfitters.

If you like your artwork to take up huge portions of your wall, but aren't interested in wall papering your space, try this easy to install and remove wall mural from Urban Outfitters. This nighttime city scene wall mural, as captured by Seattle photographer Aaron Morris, comes on heavy duty wet strength paper in 6 panels. Retails for $200.

Another option retailing for $140 is this stunning World Map Wall Mural. Also available at Urban Outfitters.

Another great way to dress up your wall is to paint it a bright base color and then add decals to the top. These little fellows are just like those old picture books where you could take decals and use them over and over again wherever you liked, only these are big and they go on your wall. Create a great design and leave it or change it every day. Retails for $38 and available at Urban Outfitters.

If you are renting a space and are not allowed to paint your walls, decals are a great way to add interest without changing the surface of the room. Check out this charming chandelier decal. You can create a great design by just sticking a few up and then leave it forever or change it every day. Retails for $48 and available at Urban Outfitters.

If you're really daring try these toilet decals to make your throne your very own. Choose Submarine, Crown, Stag, Heart or Plant designs. Retails for $18 and available at Urban Outfitters online store.


These Crepes Will Creep Up On You

Two new crepe restaurants have opened in Seattle you need to give a try.

The first crepe company is called Unicorn Crepes, named after the shape of the crepe cone. This Japanese craze comes by cooking the crepes on a French griddle and then filling the center with flavors and fillings you would never expect. Sure, everyone loves a sweet crepe filled with whipped cream, fruit or syrup, but how about a chili cheese dog crepe, or perhaps a pizza crepe? Sound interesting? We think so. Among the flavors mentioned you can also order teriyaki, tuna salad, or dessert crepes filled with cornflakes. Be daring, you never know what you might discover in your own neighborhood.

Visit Unicorn Crepes 421 Sixth Ave South Seattle, WA 206-652-0637

The second crepe restaurant you need to visit is called La Cote Creperie. Paris native, Laurent Gabrel has brought a piece of his French culture straight to Seattle. We suggest the buckwheat crepe filled with Yukon potatoes and proscuitto. Other fillings to indulge in include shrimp, homemade sauces, french cheeses and unique spreads like chestnut or lemon.

Visit La Cote Creperie and you'll instantly be transported (at least in your mind) from the Seattle streets straight to Paris.

Visit La Cote Creperie today at 2811 East Madison Street, Seattle 206-323-9800