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Planning The Ultimate Bachelorette Party

We recently got an inside tip on a web article titled, "Maid Of Honor’s Bachelorette Party Guide: 50 Ideas and Resources." That's right, 50 ways to entertain your best friends and pamper the bride before her big day.

Here's a taste of some of the ideas featured in the article...

Wine Tour: Going on a tour of local wineries combines lots of interest into one. First, there’s great wine; second, there’s a road trip; third, there’s beautiful scenery. And did we mention great wine? Not all bridesmaids will have this option readily available, since not every state has a booming wine region, but you would be surprised at how many do exist outside of California. Just plan around the driving – hire a limo or stay in a quaint bed and breakfast in the region.

Road Trip: It’s a big occasion for your friend, so consider even taking a few days off of work and taking an old-fashioned road trip. Look into camping in the woods, staying at the beach, or just aimlessly driving lesser-known roads and ending up where the road takes you. Road trips are both adventurous and relaxing at the same time. See some new surroundings, meet some salty locals, rent a cabin in the woods, or bond around a campfire. Whatever you decide, it will definitely be a trip your friend will remember forever.

Champagne Brunch to Slumber Party: A bachelorette party is one of the better excuses out there to get a little tipsy in the a.m. And to make it even more fun – and to eliminate the possibility of any tipsy driving – extend the party into the night with a full-on slumber party. Start off by cooking a gourmet brunch, play games and open gifts in the afternoon, and cap it off by baking cookies and watching girly flicks in the evening.

Click here to read all 50 ideas

Special thanks to Customized Girl for this tip.
Customized Girl offers personalized clothes in their online store. Design your own t-shirts, tanks and more.


Top 10 NEW and UNIQUE Wedding Songs For Your Slideshow

Many couples today are including slideshows of their favorite photos as part of their ceremony or reception. Choosing the right music for your slideshow can be a difficult task, especially if you want something new and unique. We've compiled a list of our favorite newly released songs in several genres. We're hoping this will make the process of picking music a little easier for you. Some of these may not be your style, but we've included a wide variety and we know you'll find something you'll love.

10. Lucky By Jason Mraz with Cobie Caillet
Album: We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.
Lyrics to make you melt: Lucky I'm in love with my best friend; lucky to have been where I have been; lucky to be coming home again; lucky we're in love in every way
Why we love this song and you will too: This song is light and cheerful. It's the perfect song for anyone who has been in a long distance relationship for any period of time.

9. We Belong Together by Gavin DeGraw
Album: Gavin DeGraw
Lyrics to make you melt: We belong together; like the open seas and shores; wedded by the planet force; we've all been spoken for.
Why we love this song and you will too: For anyone who loves to rock, We Belong Together is a classic example of how even rockers know how to sing about love. This song certainly isn't for the faint of heart, but sometimes the best things don't always come in pretty little packages.

8. Never Find A Love Like This by Natasha Bedingfield
Album: Pocket Full of Sunshine
Lyrics to make you melt: You’re the only one that knows me; Love it when you hold me; Never find a love like this. Let me hear you say; Now I’ll never be lonely; Look at what you’ve shown me; Never find a love like this
We we love this song and you will too: This is the perfect song for all you high school sweethearts out there finally tying the knot. Listen to the song for the complete lyrics that will have you remembering what you felt like when you first met.

7. Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You by Lady Antebellum
Album: Lady Antebellum
Lyrics to make you melt: I love when you tell me that I'm pretty when I just woke up; And I love how you tease me when I'm moody but its never too much. I'm falling fast, and the truth is I'm not scared at all; You climbed my walls.
Why we love this song and you will too: It's simple melodic sound makes it romantic and sweet. Plus, if you are a fan of country music, this song contains sounds you'll be drawn too. This would make a very good song for your first dance.

6. Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman
Album: This Moment
Lyrics to make you melt: Well, she came home today; With a ring on her hand; Just glowin' and tellin' us all they had planned; She says "Dad, the wedding's due six months away; And I need to practice my dancin'"; "Oh please, daddy please!"
Why we love this song and you will too: Remember the song "Butterfly Kisses" that came out a few years ago and was used in almost every wedding for the father-daughter dance? Here is its replacement. This song is for any "Daddy's Girl." Just be sure to pack the kleen-x.

5. Angel by Jack Johnson
Album: Sleep Through The Static
Lyrics to make you melt: I’ve got an angel; She doesn’t wear any wings; She wears a heart that could melt my own; She wears a smile that could make me want to sing
Why we love this song and you will too: This song has almost a lullaby quality to it. It's sweet and simple, and terribly romantic. This is an excellent first dance song.

4. Oh Love by Brad Paisley featuring Carrie Underwood
Album: 5th Gear
Lyrics to make you melt: You can break a heart in pieces; Put it back together again; You can break down sweet forgiveness; You’re the one that never ends
Why we love this song and you will too: Beautiful doesn't begin to describe this gentle ode to love that is tender and honest. This song could work for anyone who loves country music, but is not so "twangy" that it would turn off non-country lovers.

3. Say It Again by Marie Digby
Album: Unfold
Lyrics to make you melt: And it feels like it’s the first time; That anybody's ever brought the sun without the rain; And never in my whole life; Have I heard words as beautiful as when you say my name
Why we love this song and you will too: Marie Digby is a crossover between pop and folk. This upbeat and cheerful song describes how love can creep on you by surprise. The song is certainly not complicated in any way, but we dare you to keep from tapping your toes.

2. Until You by Dave Barnes
Album: Me and You and The World
Lyrics to make you melt: There's a silent celebration for; Every breath you breathe; Now this all makes sense; With you as company; I left all I knew and found; A better part of me
Why we love this song and you will too: Anyone who has ever been in love knows what it feels like to find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. It's almost as if your life finally starts. And this song describes the feeling perfectly without being sappy.

1. Make You Feel My Love by Adele
Album: 19
Lyrics to make you melt: When the rain is blowing in your face; And the whole world is on your case; I would offer you a warm embrace; To make you feel my love
Why we love this song and you will too: This song was originally recorded by Garth Brooks, but Adele offers a modern version. If you like Amy Winehouse, you'll love Adele and this ultra romantic song. The words are incredible and will melt your heart. There is no doubt, this song is a winner.


Lucky In Love's Color Guide: Yummy Yellow

Of all the colors we've discussed over the last week, yellow is by far the most trendy color for 2009. And it's easy to see why. For some reason, although yellow is considered to be a light color, those who wear it seem to stand out in a crowd. After all, yellow is the color of sunshine, so perhaps wearing it makes you like one big ray of light in a dark room. Whatever the reason, yellow is hot color for this upcoming year.

If you are drawn to the bright, bold hues of yellow, here is what color analyst Leatrice Eiseman of says about you: you tend to be very outgoing and always have a positive attitude. You're likely to be innovative and idealistic, which means you're probably very daring and a true trendsetter.

So if this sounds like you, yellow just may be the color of choice for your upcoming wedding. And if so, follow our guide to help you choose the right shade.


Women with dark skin, hair and eyes look incredible in metallic yellow tones like gold and bronze. Because their skin and hair already have dramatic features, wearing colors in these rich shades won't make them look over-the-top because they can stand up against them. Remember, you need to wear your clothes, you're clothes should never wear you.

Women with very light to medium hair and dark eyes should gravitate toward the lighter more natural colors of yellow like lemon and buttercup. Your light hair and skin already shine so pairing it with similar light colors will add natural radiance. Women with darker hair should try even lighter shades like pineapple, butter or cream.

Lastly, women with red hair and rosy skin should try a warm shade of yellow with honey undertones like caramel. Most people can't pull off a color like honey or caramel because their features are too contradictory for the shade, but women with red hair are able to carry off the color without looking washed out.

Top Left: Ava Collection: 495 Satin from MoriLee
Top Center: Yellow Ombre Satin Halter Gown with Rhinestone Detail from Cache
Bottom Left: Jim Hjelm Occasions Style #JH5715
Bottom Center: Jim Hjelm Occasions Style #JH5804T
Right: Aria Bridesmaids

Top Left: Yellow sunflower table setting from Brides
Bottom Left: ball-shaped scabiosa yellow boutonnieres from Brides
Right: Yellow Pom Poms from Martha Stewart Weddings
Bottom Right: Kate Spade Wedding Invitation
Bottom Center: Yellow florals in black and white vases from Brides

Top Left & Center: Tasha Skinny Headband with Enamel Flowers available at Nordstrom
Top Right: Judith Ripka 'Fontaine' Ring available at Nordstrom
Center: Kenneth Jay Lane Large Enamel Flower Ring available at Nordstrom
Center Right: Tasha 'Cracked Glass' Mosaic Bangle available at Nordstrom
Bottom Left: Via Spiga 'Kathy' Sandal available at Nordstrom
Bottom Center: Stuart Weitzman 'Hotspots' Pump available at Nordstrom
Bottom Right: BP. 'Fabulous' Pump available at Nordstrom

Top Left: Tuxedo from the Men's Wearhouse with yellow vest and tie
Top Center: Joseph & Feiss Gold Satin Tie available at the Men's Wearhouse
Top Right: Campia Moda Silk Tie available at the Men's Wearhouse
Bottom Left: Buttercup yellow suit available at the Tux Shop
Bottom Center: Citrine Gemstone Cufflinks available at
Bottom Right: Yellow quilted cufflinks from


Lucky In Love's Color Guide: Orange U Glad?

Talk about making a statement. There is a reason they use orange as the color for traffic cones. Orange is one of the most eye-catching colors you can choose for your wedding. It's bright hues make it an excellent color choice for a spring and summer wedding. Typically people who are drawn to the color orange are extroverts, and are as outgoing as they are personable, which is why orange-lovers typically have a million and one friends. They crave social environments and are typically charming, happy and magnetic people. Sound like you?

If you are drawn to the color orange, here's how to choose the right hue for your wedding.


Those with rosy complexions and medium hair look amazing in lighter more pastel versions of orange like peach and apricot. These orange hues with undertones of pinks and reds usually bring out your already warm features.

For those with olive and pigments of yellow in your skin with dark hair and eyes should try stronger shades of orange like tangerine and mango. People with olive skintones tend to look washed out if they accent their accessories with pastel or muted tones. So, don't shy away from these strong, bold colors.

Women with very dark skin, hair and eyes should try oranges with yellow undertones like melon and carrot. Like women with olive skin, you too need a bold color to pop against your skin. The yellow tints in these types of orange shades will warm your features and add a sunkissed glow to your face.

Above: Gowns by Lula Kate Bridal

Top Left: Orange flowered cake from BridesTop Center: Orange frosted cake from Brides
Top Right: Fancy fruitcake from Brides
Bottom Right: Caramel apples from Brides
Bottom Center: Spiced cider from Brides
Bottom Right: Chocolate and orange and fig cake from Brides

Top Left: Linens available through Aria Style
Top Right: Bouquet by Ravenna Bloom
Bottom Left: Table setting from Brides
Bottom Center: Bridal bouquet from Brides
Bottom Right: Orange and beaded calla lily bouquet from Wedding Style Magazine

Top Left: Favor ideas from Brides
Top Right: Fruit on display from Brides
Bottom Left: Orange chair cover from Brides
Bottom Center: Orange lanterns from Brides
Bottom Right: Orange boutonniere from Brides

Top Left: Nordstrom Enamel Bracelet with Pavé Crystals
Top Right: MAXX NEW YORK 'Thompson - Dégradé' Pleated Clutch available at Nordstrom
Center Left: Alexis Bittar Medium Rose Quartz Baguette Ring available at Nordstrom
Center Right: Lodis 'Bubble Diva' Clutch Wallet available at Nordstrom
Bottom Left: Dabby Reid Ltd. Drop Earrings available at Nordstrom
Bottom Center: Martinez Valero 'Camila' Sandal available at Nordstrom
Bottom Right: Alexis Bittar Large Donut Necklace with Swarovski Crystal available at Nordstrom

Check back Monday for...


Lucky In Love's Color Guide: Romantic Red

If you love the color red, you also love drama. In fact, the more eyes are on you the more comfortable you feel in your own hot red shoes. Just think back to that song "Lady In Red" you danced to at your high school prom. Remember how everyone looked around to see who was wearing the featured color? Indeed, red draws attention. When it comes to your wedding, putting your bridesmaids in the color red will cause you to stand out even more in your white dress against the deep tones that surround you.

Red is a color that represents passion. Passion for life. Passion for romance. Passion for your fiance. It's no coincidence red is the color of love, which is also the reason the wide spectrum of red shades are often used in the most dramatic wedding themes. The color red demands that the person who chooses it must have enough personality and self-assurance to make it work. So if you are just the person to carry it off, here is how to choose the right shade of red for you.


Women with dark features, skin tones, eyes and hair usually gravitate to the darker red tones like claret and merlot, and for good reason. Women with dark skin, eyes and hair require bold colors to complement their deep features. Naturally, rich red shades melt into the body and make an already sultry woman even more seductive. VaVaVoom.

Women with olive or yellow skin pigments look incredible in more candy apple and berry reds. Muted tones will make you look washed out so choose a bright and sassy red shade to accentuate your already exotic features.

For women with more pink or rosy skin tones and light to medium hair should try a much lighter shade of red like coral or even pink. Midtone pastels work well with women with medium complexions and offer a natural and fresh style.

Left: Spaghetti strap, A-line from Bari Jay Style: 759
Top Center: Starlet taffeta from Bari Jay Style: 518
Top Right: Strapless, tea-length gown from Bari Jay Style: 756
Bottom Center: Halter, organza bodice from Bari Jay Style: 757
Bottom Right: Jolie satin, strapless, tea-length from Bari Jay Style: 501

Top Left: Red damask cake from Brides
Bottom Left: Red scroll cake from Brides
Right: Airbrushed peony cake from Wedding Style Magazine

Top Left: Calla Lilly claret bouquet from Wedding Style Magazine
Bottom Left: Scarlet table setting from Brides
Bottom Center: Red hypericum berries intensify the celosia’s vibrant red hue from Brides
Top Right: Fireworks bouquet from Wedding Style Magazine
Bottom Right: Red table accessories from Brides

Top Left: Paprika Gold linens from BBJ Linens
Top Right: Composition wedding invitation from Elum available at Moxie Paper Goods
Bottom Left: Table setting by Rented Elegance
Bottom Right: Serve red kissed drinks, photo from Brides

Top Left: Dior Red Premiere Lipstick from Sephora
Top Center: Calvin Klein red nail polish from Sephora
Top Right: Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick from Sephora
Bottom Left: Martinez Valero 'Coca' Sandal available at Nordstrom
Bottom Center: Martinez Valero 'Camila' Sandal available at Nordstrom
Bottom Right: kate spade 'hera' pump available at Nordstrom

Check back tomorrow for...


Lucky In Love's Color Guide: Something Blue

Feeling the blues? According to color analyst, Leatrice Eiseman of, those who love the shade of blue are typically gentle, loyal and discreet individuals. Much like a clear blue sky or the peaceful waves of the ocean, the color blue brings a sense of peace and tranquility to any setting, which makes blue an ideal shade for your wedding. Leatrice also says that people drawn to the color blue also form strong attachments. And what attachment is stronger than the vow of marriage?

Like the other colors we've already analyzed, blue also comes in many shades and tones. So if you choose to go blue, follow our guide to picking the right shade for you. (Hey, that rhymed).


For those of you with light hair and skin tones, light blue shades like sky blue or periwinkle are the right tones for you. This light shade of blue will make blue eyes look even bluer as they twinkle next to the soft and sweet color. This shade also pairs extremely well with crystals and rhinestone jewelry pieces.

Women with golden brown hair and hazel eyes look amazing in teal or peacock shades of blue. Plus this particular shade of blue pairs well with bright florals in complementary jewel tones like deep purple, magenta, royal blue, and chartreuse green.

Royal blue is an excellent color for women with varying skin tones. If you have bridesmaids who cover the gamut of skin complexions, royal blue is a great basic color that looks good on most women. Plus it's a great evening shade because it can stand out in against dark lighting.

Navy is a fantastic color for anyone who thinks black is their most complementary color. You may not want black as your wedding color, especially if you are planning a daytime wedding so navy offers the perfect alternative and looks especially good on women with light skin and raven hair.

Left: Acetate Jersey Gown from BCBG
Top Center: Maggy London Cutaway Silk Dress from Nordstrom
Top Right: Satin One-Shoulder Gown with Beading from Cache
Bottom Center Left: Jim Hjelm Occasions Style: #JH5731
Bottom Center Right: Jim Hjelm Occasions Style: #JH5679
Bottom Right: Jim Hjelm Occasions gown Style: #JH5718

Top Left: Bouquet made of hydrangeas, tweedia, larkspur, thistle and dusty miller from Brides
Top Right: Blue tablesetting from Brides
Bottom Right: Grape hyacinth boutonniere from Brides
Bottom Left: Blue glass vase from Brides
Bottom Center Left: Blue Martini from Brides
Bottom Center Right: Nautical cake from Brides

Top Left: Turquoise vases from Plum Party
Top Right: Napkins
Bottom Left: Gumball Dispenser from Estilo Weddings
Bottom Center Left: Magnolia mosaic hurricane lamp from Plum Party
Bottom Right: Lanterns from Plum Party
Bottom Center Right: Metal Boats from Estilo Weddings

Top Left: Marble cake from Martha Stewart Weddings
Top Right: Asian cake from Martha Stewart Weddings
Bottom Left: Turquoise cupcakes from Martha Stewart Weddings
Bottom Center: Ornate white trimmed baby blue cake from Martha Stewart Weddings
Bottom Right: Polkadot blue and white cake from Martha Stewart Weddings

Top Left: Glass coasters from Estilo Weddings
Top Right: Starfish Glass Candle Holders/Dishes from Estilo Weddings
Bottom: Chocolate truffles from Beau-Coup

Check back tomorrow as we explore...


Lucky In Love's Color Guide: Purple Persuasion

If you are a fan of the color purple (and we're not talking about Oprah's Broadway musical) then you are most likely a true romantic. Purple is often associated with the royalty, and if you choose purple as your wedding day accent color, you're most likely also the type to dream about Prince Charming sweeping you off your feet. Leatrice Eiseman of says that purple is the color for dreamers because its slightly enigmatic and unconventional. It also represents a person's more secretive and seductive side. So if you like purple, you're probably also likely to play a little hard to get at times but you're alluring qualities keep your fiance pining for you all the more.

So if purple is your wedding color of choice, just what shade is right for you?


For all you Snow White types with dark features and porcelain skin, we suggest deep purple tones in violet and grape, the more vibrant the better. These rich and bright shades will accent your features without making you look washed out.

If you have golden skin tones and always look like you've been sitting in the sun all day, we suggest shades of pastel colors like lavender and periwinkle. These colors will melt into your skin without taking away from your sun kissed glow.

Left: Maggy London Charmeuse Halter Dress at Nordstrom
Top Middle: JS Boutique Mesh Babydoll Gown at Nordstrom
Top Right: Maggy London Ruched Waist Halter Dress at Nordstrom
Bottom Middle: Aidan Mattox Niteline Beaded Halter Dress at Nordstrom
Bottom Right: Cachet Crinkle Taffeta Slipdress at Nordstrom

Top Left: Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad
Top Right: Faberge Ring, Violet from Anthropologie
Center: Nine West "Revengez" Evening Sandal from Macy's
Bottom Right: Claudia Ciuti 'Pervinca' Sandal from Nordstrom
Bottom Left: Cockail Hair Clip from Urban Outfitters

Above: Fondant cake with sugar-paste clematis, dark chocolate vine and sugar balls from Brides

Top Left: Bahamian Rhapsody boutonniere from Brides
Top Right: Lavender sachet name place setting from Brides
Bottom Left: Bouquet of anemones, ornamental cabbage, wax flowers and clematis leaves from Brides
Bottom Right: Tulip centerpiece from Brides

Top Left: Gingham-veined vanda orchids pair with privet berries from Brides
Top Right: Flowered monogram letter from Brides
Bottom Left: Eco-friendly confetti from
Bottom Left Center: Crystal monogrammed cake topper from
Bottom Right Center: Personalized candles for favors at
Bottom Right: Purple candle holder from Plum Party

Check back tomorrow for...