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Toast of the Gowns

On May 18th, we will be having a Toast of the Gowns Fashion Show at the Chateau Ste. Michelle in Woodinville, Washington to benefit Women's Cancer Research.

La Belle Reve will be donating 25 gowns to our Toast of the Gowns Fashion Show.

John Curley of Evening Magazine will be the emcee and auctioneer. There will be a silent auction and wine tasting reception followed by a live auction fashion show. La Belle Reve Bridal in Bellevue has donated 25 evening gowns to be auctioned off and our models include Christine Chen and Miss Emerald City.

$200 per guest
$250 for preferred seating

Visit for more information.


Recycled Gold

We'd like to introduce you to a company impacting the awareness of eco-friendly alternatives in the wedding industry. Meet greenKarat whose mission is to provide consumers with an ecologically and socially responsible jewelry alternative to those who are concerned about the effect of gold and gem mining on the earth's eco-system. greenKarat sells recycled gold jewelry and offers tons of choices in wedding bands. greenKarat states that there is enough unused gold above ground to satisfy the jewelry industry for the next 50 years.

greenKarat even offers you a trade-in for your unused gold jewelry. All you have to do is contact greenKarat and they will provide you with shipping instructions. Then once they receive your gold piece, they will let you know its worth and tell you how much store credit you will receive. Just make sure the gold you send is pure 10k, 14k or 18k gold. And remember, these recycled pieces will be melted down, so don't send anything with sentimental value.


New Trend? Buckle Up!

We found these crazy new shoes by Steve Madden and as nutty as they may look, we couldn't help but notice that these shoes follow a new trend we are seeing in weddings. BUCKLES!
{Steve Madden shoes: Pump or Boot; Pump: $99.95; Boot: $149.95}

Sometimes all you need to organize your designs and decor for your wedding is a simple detail of inspiration, and buckles do the trick. Rhinestone or heirloom buckles added to your wedding invitations, guests books, shoes, bouquet stems and even your gown help tie in each piece together. Check out these great examples of wedding invitations that feature a buckle below.

{Top Left: Olive Buckle Invitation from Imagine
Top Right: Suede Vogue Invitation from Tango Design
Bottom Left: Flower Album Invitation from Carciofi Design
Bottom Right: Silver Cameo Invitation from Carciofi Design}

Adding a buckle to the waist of your wedding dress is also a current trend we're seeing designers include in their gowns in recent months. The benefits are two-fold. First, the buckle accentuates your feminine shape by narrowing your waist. Second, the buckle can add flair to a simple gown when its adorned with rhinestones or gems.

{Gowns from: Mikaella Bridal available at I Do Bridal}

Below are an example of a perfectly adorned pump with a gem buckle. The buckle adds sophistication and dresses up a simple pump.

{Top shoes: from Giuseppe-Zanotti Design, photo from Brides}

Lastly, check out the buckle detail added to these bridal bouquet stems. Just a simple touch of flair helps bring your buckle theme full circle.

{Left: Buckled bouquet from Wedding Style Magazine; Right: Calla Lillie buckled bouquet from Wedding Style Magazine}


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Cascading Blooms

For true drama, nothing does the trick like a bouquet of cascading floral stems. Cascading bridal bouquets have been around for ages, but current floral designers have taken this age old tradition and given it a whole new twist. Gone are the days of dangling ribbon and tulle and its place are dramatic greens, long stemmed tropical flowers and even feathers. For the most dramatic effect, cascade your bouquet all the way to the ground.

Here are some examples of cascading blooms in all different color schemes and styles.

{Clockwise L to R: Brides, Photo by Bradley Hanson Photography, Photo by Bradley Hanson Photography, Brides}

{L to R: Cascading Tulips from Brides, Centerpiece from Brides}

{Images from Wedding Style Magazine}


The Modern Woman's Wedding Survival Kit: Day Three's wedding day survival kit has been assisting panicky brides prepare for their big day by packing a helpful kit of just-in-case-I-need-them-tools. Now comes our modern woman's survival kit for the weeks leading up to the wedding for all those potential pesky mishaps. Click here to read our Day Two tips.

Check back the rest of this week for more survival guides....

Mishap #5: You and your fiance have decided to have an outdoor wedding and have been praying for good weather since the day you set the date. But, now word comes from those happiness deflating weather forecasters that rain is in the forecast for your perfectly planned wedding day. Panic rears its ugly head.

What to do: You have two options. If a complete downpour is in the forecast for your wedding day, you may need to call a local rental company and order a tent. You'd be surprise at how many tenting options are available to you, in many unique styles. You can opt for side walls or and open canopy. And while you may expect the rate to be expensive, the cost of installing and renting a tent is probably more affordable than you think. Our next option, if only a light summer mist is in the forecast, is to rent or purchase stylish umbrellas that can handed out to each guest. You'd be surprised at what a charming and even attractive addition stylish umbrellas can be.
Where to get them: Visit under Rental Services for several options in tent rental. Or, check out Bella Umbrella for the most magnificent umbrellas you have ever seen. Don't believe us, visit their website and check them out.

Mishap #6: Its weeks before your wedding and you are so proud of the job you've done planning and how organized you've been. Then, out of the blue, one of your vendors calls and has to regrettably cancel on you due to an unforeseen emergency. You. Have. To. Be. Kidding.....Right?
How to deal: Wedding professional organizations are here to help. Immediately contact a local event specialist organization such as the International Special Events Society (I.S.E.S.), Meeting Professionals International (MPI), National Association of Catering Executives (NACE), Seattle Professional Photographers Association (SPPA) or the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC). Each of this stellar organizations has a network of resources available to you. If you should ever be caught in this hair raising predicament, these organizations can immediately contact vendors within their network to find an available replacement. And, because these organizations have requirements for inclusion, you can rest assured that the vendor they recommend are professional and fully qualified.


The Modern Woman's Wedding Survival Kit: Day Two's wedding day survival kit has been assisting panicky brides prepare for their big day by packing a helpful kit of just-in-case-I-need-them-tools. Now comes our modern woman's survival kit for the weeks leading up to the wedding for all those potential pesky mishaps. Click here to read our Day One tips.

Check back the rest of this week for more survival guides....

Mishap #4: Your fiance has just informed you that he would really prefer if you didn't check any baggage at the airport, but rather just carried on your luggage for your honeymoon. In your mind, you're picturing that 75 lbs bag of goodies and cosmetics you've already started to pack. And whatever will you do with all your cosmetics so they comply with the airport transportation restrictions? You feel a drop of sweat start to form on your brow.

What flies: While you are restricted to a small quart-size ziploc bag of liquids for airline travel, there are tricks to packing products that are perfectly acceptable and do not need to be included in your ziploc bag making space for the liquid items you can't live without.

Instead of using liquid foundation, we suggest changing to mineral or powder makeup. Our favorite by a mile is Bare Escentuals. Bare Escentuals is great because it still gives you the same coverage and even has SPF protection, but without feeling heavy. Even if you have blemished skin, Bare Escentuals covers discoloration and problem areas. If powders are just not your thing, also consider packing a stick foundation, such as the ones made by Shiseido, available in 10 shades.

Lip glosses may no longer be acceptable but good old fashioned lipsticks are. Lip glosses that are liquid or gels like Carmex or Blistex are not allowed, but a ChapStick in a stick form are permitted.

Instead of using a cleanser for makeup remover, pack face washing wipes by Ole Henriksen or Pond's Clean Sweep Makeup Removing Towelettes.

Pack a deodorant in a solid stick form rather than a mist or roll-on. Use a deodorant like Secret Invisible Solid. Also, check Sephora to see if your favorite perfume comes in a solid form. Chances are it might. Our favorite is L L.A.M.B. Fragrance By Gwen Stefani.

Many other products like shampoo, for instance, come in powder form. Try Song of India's Powder Shampoo in various scents or Oscar Blandi's dry shampoo powder in travel size. Even toothpaste is acceptable when it comes in a powder form like Travelon's Powder Toothpaste substitute or Uncle Harry's Tooth Powder. Just dab it in water and brush as usual.

Other beauty products you may feel you need to fit into your carry on and perfectly acceptable by airlines are powdered concealers (Laura Mercier's Secret Brightening Powder), powdered hair revival products for oil absorption (Stila's Jade Blossom Hair Refresher), powdered face mask formulas (Uncle Harry's Sandlewood Face Mask), sticks of sunblock (Shady Day Sunscreen Stick-SPF 30 or Neutrogena's Healthy Defense Sunblock Stick-SPF 30), or a bronzer in stick form (Michael Kors Leg Shine).

Remember all other liquids you do bring in a ziploc bag must be 3 oz or less. Also, just as a refresher you are allowed to bring a disposable razor, tweezers, blunt scissors or those with blades shorter than 4", eyelash curlers, nail file, and nail clippers.

For a complete list of what you are allowed and the transportation guidelines, please visit

And for those of you who wear gell filled bras, don't worry, those are acceptable too.