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Get Inspired...Black Wedding

Halloween is just around the corner, so today we are inspiring you with some beautiful photos of the bold color, BLACK! Whether you choose to have an all black wedding or just to sprinkle black throughout, it will surely make a statement and add a wow factor to your wedding! Happy Halloween!

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Dancing The Night Away!

Traditionally, the bride and groom choose a special song to be played at their reception for their first dance as a married couple. Consultants advise that you carefully consider your choice. Is the "special song" you select one that you and your groom can dance to comfortably with grace? Is it one that will stand the test of time? Sometimes a trendy or popular song of the moment will be forgotten before your first anniversary. When you relive the memories of your "first dance" ten, fifteen, or thirty years from now, will you or any of your family and guests remember the music to which you danced?

First dances are traditionally slow dances: Not only does a slow dance help carry the emotion of the day, but it allows you and your groom to showcase elegant dance moves as you glide across the dance floor.

The traditional first dance can run through the entire song: If you and your groom are comfortable as the center of attention while dancing... go for it!

Dance lessons can be very helpful! Not everyone finds the attention of dancing comfortable. Remember that you will be dancing in a dress that has much more skirt than usual. If either of you has "two-left-feet," dance lessons may very likely save the day.

Traditional sequence:

  • The bride and groom dance their first dance together
  • The father-of-the-bride may cut in on the dance; (be sure to discuss this option with your father, and determine in advance if this is what you want).
  • If your father doesn't cut in, then the second dance is traditionally reserved for the bride and the father-of-the-bride
  • When the bride begins dancing with her father, this is the groom's cue to ask his own mother to dance
  • Next the best man asks the maid or matron of honor to dance
  • At this point, the groom's father may join the party on the dance floor with the bride's mother
  • After a few moments, the rest of the bridal party may join in. This sequence is only a guideline. With today's non-traditional families, you might want to take a few moments well in advance of your wedding to decide how you will include all the significant members of your families and wedding party in the traditional first dance. Be sure to inform all the involved members how you want everything to work so that they are comfortable stepping in at the right time.

NOTE: If your dress has a train, be sure to get instructions on how to "bustle" it up so that you won't trip during your first or any subsequent dances. It's always smart to designate someone who will bustle the train up for you. Be sure to rehears the procedure before your reception. Your wedding consultant, mother or maid/matron of honor are ideal choices for this task.


We Think You'll Love...W.B. Thamm!

Happy Friday, friends! We are loving W.B. Thamm's vintage and new fabric designs of handmade bow ties as well as hankies and hand towels! Aren't they adorable?? check out their full shop for all their inventory here!


Get Inspired...Aquamarine!

Today's inspiration is one of Pantone's 2015 Spring Fashion Colors, Aquamarine! We love this shade. It would be perfect for a beach wedding paired with a peach and a gray! Look at that amazing bouquet in our board!

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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress!

Most women dream of their wedding day and the type of wedding gown she will wear. In her dreams she may be wearing a princess ball gown, a simple A-line or a sweetheart silhouette. Either way, in her dreams she looks magnificent.

Now YOUR day has finally come and while you have a vision of what you thought you wanted, it may not be the right dress for you. Just because a gown looks beautiful hanging on the rack, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for your body type, skin tone, or overall personal style.

Finding the right gown can be a daunting task. With so many incredible bridal boutiques and designers to choose from, it's important to focus on what will look best on you. Determine what body shape you have, and the style that will most flatter your figure.

You are a lucky girl. Your nice proportions will complement almost any gown style. With your curvy hips, tiny waistline and full chest, several styles will accentuate your figure, reminding your groom just why you caught his eye in the first place.

BhldnAllure Bridals

What To Wear: Narrow in on a classic A-Line gown or a strapless ball gown. Go for a strapless, off-the-shoulder, sweetheart, scoop or v-neck neckline.
What Not To Wear: Avoid empire or mermaid silhouettes. These styles are for body types that are not as proportionate as yours and can in turn make you look unbalanced. Rather than complementing your figure, these styles will accentuate areas that do not need any help.

So you have a little more shape. So what? You still look fantastic and there are several gown styles that will look radiant on your full figured body.

Hulu Wedding DressThe Wedding Inbox

What To Wear: Try a basque waistline, A-Line or full ball gown. These styles will slim your waistline and give you an hourglass shape. The best necklines for your body type are v-neck, scoop, jewel, bateau or halter.
What Not To Wear: Avoid sheath, mermaid or empire waist gowns. These styles, particularly accompanied by off-the-shoulder or spaghetti straps will make your upper body look broader rather than create a waistline.

You have delicate bone structure from your waist up, but tend to have fuller hips so the best wedding gowns for your body style will create a balanced shape from top to bottom.

Allure Bridals

What To Wear: A-Line and ball gowns with off-the-shoulder, strapless or scoop necklines are best for your body type because they will broaden your delicate shoulders, all the while complementing your lower body.
What Not To Wear: Avoid sheath, mermaid or empire waistlines. If you have a smaller chest, you will also want to avoid gowns with v-necklines. V-necks will point toward your chest and hips.

Your body type is thin and narrow which is why you look great in skinny jeans, but may make you feel like a teenager in a dress. Shop for a wedding gown that creates curves on your thin frame.

Allure Bridal

What To Wear: Mermaid, A-Line, ball gown or sheath gowns styles with sweetheart, scoop, jewel or halter necklines will create an hour glass silhouette and make you feel much more feminine.
What Not To Wear: Don’t wear v-necklines, off-the-shoulder portrait gowns. These gown styles will not create enough shape for your body type and will hang too straight around your hips.

Need help with bridal gown terms? Read our style definitions.
A-Line: Flared skirt and fitted waist creating an “A” shape.
Ball Gown: Full skirt and fitted waistline.
Basque Waist: Low waistline that usually comes to a “V” or “U” shape beginning several inches below the waist. This gown will give you an hourglass shape by increasing your appearance of a low waistline.
Bateau: Wide neckline that sweeps below your collarbone to the edges of your shoulder.
Empire Waist: High waistline that flares from the bust and falls straight around the hips.
Halter: Straps that tie around your neck in the back.
Jewel: High neckline that is usually rounded at the collarbone.
Mermaid: Contours to your body but begins to flare at your knee.
Off-the-Shoulder: This neckline sits low on your chest and rests just below your shoulder.
Portrait: Usually a large, wide scoop neck that rests at the tips of your shoulders.
Scoop: U-shaped neckline.
Sheath: Form fitting from top to bottom.
Sweetheart: Shaped like the bottom of a heart and comes to a point toward the center of your chest.
Strapless: Popular style that sits straight across the chest and around the back.
V-neck: V-shaped to accentuate cleavage


We Think You'll Love...Truvelle

Happy Friday, friends! Start your weekend off right by oohing and aaahing over these GORGEOUS handmade wedding gowns designed by Truvelle. These dresses are nothing shy of stunning. We love them all, but here are a few of our favs. Check out their full shop here



Get Inspired...Let's Fall in Love

October is in FULL swing and with the Autumn comes change, the leaves and foliage make for the most beautiful color inspiration this time of year. With that in mind we have choosen a few images that we love for a Fall wedding. You can utilize the leaves for a pretty picture or even create little piles for your guests to throw instead of seeds! Who doesn't love throwing leaves in the Fall?? 

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