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Bridal Style - Echo & Laurel by Cristalle

Fit for a Greek goddess, the bridal jewelry from Echo & Laurel, will have you embracing your inner goddess on your big day.  Filled with brass leaf, branch, and bird designs, these handmade hair accessories, out of San Francisco, are a boho brides dream. Made to order, featuring elements like Swarovski crystals, antique bronze or gold plated bobby pins, and gold plated French hooks, Cristalle's jewelry designs are the perfect accompaniment to your Grecian or woodland wedding.

Shop her full collection of hair accessories, wedding hair pieces, wedding hair pins, wedding hair combs and wedding jewelry here.


Gold Grecian Leaf Earrings and Hair Comb

Gold Bird Bobby Pins and Gold Grecian Leaf Earrings

Grecian Leaf Necklace Gold

{Images: Echo & Laurel}


Wedding Pinterest Accounts to Follow: Lucky in Love Blog is Pinspired by

 Who should you be following on Pinterest to help you plan your Puget Sound wedding? Our top three accounts to follow this month are Paper Passionista - who has everything you need printed to make your wedding unique; Gourmondo Catering Company - a unique catering company committed to the highest level of quality and service that uses only the freshest ingredients sourced from local vendors and small organic farms, and whose menus are a reflection of where they began over 18 years ago, as a small café in Seattle’s Pike Place Market; and Creative Ice - sculpture in its purest form in beautiful ice sculptures.

pinterest accounts to follow for wedding planning

 Images: Paper Passionista; Gourmondo Catering Company; Creative Ice - Azzura Photography

1. Paper Passionista

Paper Passionista

2. Gourmondo Catering Company

Gourmondo Catering Company

3. Creative Ice

Creative Ice

Learn more about these, and other, Seattle wedding vendors at B&E is committed to providing brides and grooms with the most comprehensive collection of wedding vendors in Washington. We welcome you to join us on our online wedding planning guide, which provides you with the top wedding professionals from reception sites, to wedding caterersbridal salonsflorists and more.


Happy Thanksgiving

We are wishing all of our readers a very Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your holiday with loved ones and Give Thanks.


{Sign via Sweet Elodie Grace}


Thanksgiving Appetizers

On our last blog, we featured four Thanksgiving inspired drinks sure to get your guests in an extra-festive mood.  Today we are featuring tasty appetizers that pair perfectly with those November Cocktails. These delicious 'bites' are sure to get your guests appetites perfectly primed for the grand turkey meal!


thanksgiving appetizers

{Images: 1. Five Heart Home; 2. Home is Where the Boat Is; 3. Yummy Mummy Kitchen; 4. Wisconsin Cheese Talk}

Mini Cheese Ball Bites via Five Heart Home: No silverware or plates necessary! These bite sized cheese balls covered in dried cranberries, blue cheese crumbles and pecans are finished with a pretzel stick making them the perfect finger-food.

Cranberry Pecan Pie Crust Leaves via Home is Where the Boat is: Refrigerated pie crusts, pecans, cranberries, and cute Autumn cookie cutters are all you need to create these festive crackers. 

Sparkling Cranberry Brie Bites via Yummy Mummy Kitchen: Elevate your usual cheese and crackers platter with these Sparkling Cranberry Brie Bites.  Fresh cranberries rolled in sugar create a visually stunning, and tasty, display. 

Caramelized Butternut Squash & Gorgonzola Crostini via Wisconsin Cheese Talk: If the flavor of Fall could be summed up into a couple perfect bites, we think these Caramelized Butternut Squash & Gorgonzola Crostini would be it.  Featuring butternut squash, thyme, sage, cranberries and gorgonzola cheese, we can't wait to pair them with a Cranberry Thyme Gin & Tonic (from our November Cocktails feature) for the perfect Thanksgiving cocktail and appetizer hour! 


Grey & Green Wedding Inspiration

We're taking inspiration from our own breathtaking Pacific Northwest with its evergreen-dominate landscapes and seemingly omni-present grey skies, on today's wedding color inspiration collage. Perfect for a winter wedding, this color palette of light and dark greys, paired with a deep lush green, creates a modern, fresh, tranquil and beautiful balance of color. 


grey and green wedding

Green Wedding Shoes; Bridal Guide; Mon Cheri Bridal; Mod Wedding; The Knot; Once Wed

Tip - Colors that occur in nature are always harmonious.  Grey is formal, elegant, stable color that creates a sense of calm and composure. Green represents renewal, nature, and harmony.


November Cocktails

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the team at is ready for some quality friends and family time together.  We also want to raise a glass and toast all our readers, to let you know just how thankful we are for all of you.  Helping brides and grooms find the perfect caterer, florist, transportation, venue, and, even signature cocktails, is our passion. We love helping couples find the wedding resources they need to plan and execute the wedding of their dreams! We work faithfully to bring you what's trending, in-season, and resourceful for your wedding and event planning.

Our monthly cocktails is becoming one of our favorite blogs to research and share with all of you. (It's a tough job but someone has to do it!) This month we choose 4 cocktails that are sure to make you and your guests extra thankful for being with you while enjoying a wonderful thanksgiving feast! 

Cheers and happiest of Thanksgivings!


November cocktails

{Images: 1. Bakery by Nature; 2. Babble; 3. Pop Sugar, 4. A Cozy Kitchen}


  1. Cranberry & Cinnamon Whiskey Sour via Bakery by Nature: This isn't you're average Whiskey Sour due to the delectable cranberry cinnamon simple syrup used that adds the perfect Thanksgiving flavor profile to this classic cocktail. Not only does this syrup add a lovely pink color to your drink, it truly is simple to make, yet will have your guests thinking you're a master mixologist.
  2. Almond Pear Cocktail via Babble: We love how Sandra Lee always has a tasty cocktail to accompany her menus and this almond pear cocktail, with amaretto and vanilla vodka, does not disappoint.  
  3. Gingersnap Cocktail via Pop Sugar: What's better than a fresh, warm cookie straight out of the oven? A cocktail that tastes just like one. Even better, one that tastes like our favorite Fall flavor cookie - the Gingersnap! This 3 ingredient drink calls for amaretto, ginger beer, and bitters and packs a spicy yet sweet punch.
  4. Cranberry Thyme Gin & Tonic via A Cozy Kitchen: This cocktail is perfect for those of us who didn't preplan our signature holiday drinks as it utilizes thanksgiving meal (and pantry/refrigerator) ingredients you most likely already have on hand! Fresh Thyme (from the stuffing), cranberries (from the cranberry jelly), orange juice (also from the jelly), sugar, vanilla extract (from the pies), gin and tonic and voila! you have a tasty, and beautiful, cocktail for your guests to enjoy that they'll never know you just threw together! 



Military Wedding Inspiration and Traditions

In honor of this Veteran's Day, we are sharing with you military wedding inspiration and US Military wedding traditions. We also would like to pause and say Happy Veteran's Day to all who are currently serving, and those who have served in the past. We truly appreciate all the dedicated men and women who serve our country and today, and everyday, we honor your sacrifice, bravery and patriotism.


Military Wedding Traditions

{Images: Wedding Chicks; TodayMenning Photographic; Tres Chic; Elizabeth Anne Designs; Spark Hatch}

Military Dress
Depending on the style, season, and time of day the wedding is being held, officers and enlisted personal may wear their government-issued uniform. For reference, officers evening dress uniform equals civilian white tie dress and mess dress uniforms corrilate to black tie. In the case of non-commissioned officers, dress blues or Army green uniforms may be worn at formal or informal weddings. A boutonniere is never to be worn with uniform. It is optional for female offers to be married in uniform, traditional wedding gowns are widely-accepted and even encouraged, as is also the choice of military guests whether to attend in uniform or not.

Saber/Sword Arch 
One of the most popular, and visually stunning, military wedding traditions is the arch of swords/sabers. This arch traditionally takes place outside as the couple is existing their ceremony venue and features six or eight service members lined up in pairs, draw swords or sabers (depending on the branch of service - Army and Air Force members carry sabers while Navy and Marine Corps members carry swords), the steel is raised with the right hand, with the cutting edges facing up. The couple enters the arch, kiss, and then passes through, signifying the couple's safe transition into their new life together. 

Military Reception Seating
Traditionally, military guests are seated by rank. 

Cutting of the Cake
Another highlight of a military reception is the cutting of cake with the groom's sword or saber. This is also another opportunity for the couple to pass beneath an arch as the saber bearers line up in front of the wedding cake. The groom then hands his bride his unsheathed saber, and with his hands over hers, together they cut the wedding cake.