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Neon Nuptials!

Today's board is inspired by a new trending color palette of neons! A brightly colored wedding can add extra brightness to an already exciting day, we love that! Here are some radiant images for a neon wedding.


top row: Something Turqoise; Ruffled
bottom row:  Golden Rule Design Shop; BLovely Events


Grooms Guide


Photo by Alante Photograpy

Selecting formalwear: Numerous styles of formalwear are available to consider. The formalwear shop you choose can suggest styles and colors appropriate to the time of day. Even though etiquette books specify what the groom and groomsmen should wear, almost anything is acceptable today. Accessories may be rented or purchased to match the bridesmaids' dresses, or even ordered specially if you can't find the desired color. Although the bride should assist in choosing the groom's attire, make sure that he is comfortable with the style selected.

Questions to ask: Is the formalwear stocked locally? Are the locations convenient for the groomsmen? What is the price, and what does that include? Finally, you must decide if you feel comfortable and confident that the formalwear store will deliver what you ordered.

Customized look for groom and groomsmen: formalwear has progressed considerably. The personalities of the groom and groomsmen can emerge without too much deviation from traditional styles. Paisley, plaid or polka dot cummerbunds and bow ties add a special flair. At the reception, the groom can be less formal and put on sporty or Disney® character accessories. Check out all the new styles and sensations available in formalwear today.

She keeps the gown, why shouldn't he keep his tux? A wonderful surprise for your groom is to purchase his tuxedo as a wedding present. This will make your groom feel as special as you do on your wedding day, with a tuxedo tailored to fit only him. There are many more occasions to wear this tuxedo following the wedding day than occasions for the bride to wear her wedding dress.

Buying a tuxedo: Check into the purchase prices at your formalwear shop. It may be more cost effective to own tuxedos worn for special occasions four or more times per year.

Final fitting and pickup date: You must instruct each member of the wedding party to pick up his own tuxedo. Make sure they try on the entire outfit at the store. This will avoid the most common problem with formalwear: fit. Adjustments or replacements can usually be made immediately, or arrangements for substitutions can be made.

Out-of-town groomsmen and ushers: If groomsmen and ushers live out-of-town, your formalwear shop can supply you with measurement cards to mail to them. Any clothing or alterations shop in the groomsman's hometown should be able to do a complimentary fitting. It is imperative that these gentlemen take the time to try on their entire tuxedos when they pick them up!

Bring extra socks: Have the groom buy a few extra pairs of socks that match the formalwear. Be sure these extra socks are available where the groomsmen plan to dress. Inevitably someone will show up with only white athletic socks. This may seem a minor point, but white socks stick out like a sore thumb in photographs.

Group rates and discounts: Many formalwear shops offer special group rates, discounts, or rebates for black-tie or black-tie-optional events. Ask about setting up a special rate for all the guests who will attend.


Lovely Lollipops!

Happy Friday, friends! This upcoming Sunday is Lollipop Day! In honor of that we are gonna share some sweet suckers that would make delightful favors at your wedding! Enjoy and don't forget to treat yourself to a Lollipop!

top two: Sugar Bakers Bakery; Candied Cakes


Get Inspired...Backyard Wedding!

Planning a backyard wedding can be so fun because you can really get creative with the use of decor. For example using a canoe for a beverage cooler, you could also use an old wheel barrow! Our inspiration board showcases other lovely ways you could design and decorate your intimate backyard wedding!

Top row: Rustic Wedding; Ruffled Blog
Second Row:  Lilly Greenthumb; Wedding Chicks
Third Row:  Style Me Pretty; Love and Lavendar
Bottom Row:  Style Me Pretty; Elizabeth Anne Designs


Start a Tradition 

By including a special item or tradition in your ceremony and reception that has been used by other family members, or that you yourself may wish to pass on to future generations, you allow family and friends to share in your joy as well as the traditions of your family.

Here are some ideas that you may wish to incorporate into your wedding:

  • Select a Bible that you can comfortably carry down the aisle with you. At the completion of the ceremony, you and your groom can sign your names and your wedding date in the front of the Bible as well as the location and time of your marriage. As each future bride and groom uses it, their names will be added.
  • The kneeling cushions and ring-bearer's pillow used during the ceremony can be made from the wedding gown of one of the bridal couple's mothers or grandmothers or from fabric selected for the occasion, and then passed on to future generations of family brides and grooms.
  • If you decide not to use your mother's wedding dress, what about using her veiling and attaching it to the headpiece you have selected? This gives you the "something old" to use with your wedding attire.
  • Many brides choose to carry a family memento during their wedding. A handkerchief made from the lace of a family member's gown or veil can be easily carried with your bridal bouquet.
  • Your wedding garter can be made from satin and lace used by other family members in their wedding attire. Just make sure you have a backup garter for the groom to throw at the end of the reception.
  • Instruct your florist to design your bridal bouquet with two detachable flowers that you can give to your mother and mother-in-law as you return down the aisle.
  • Since the first toast at the reception signifies the celebration and coming together of two families as well as the beginning of a new one, silver or pewter toasting goblets make wonderful gifts to be passed on to future family brides.
  • Your cake knife and server are something you will want to save and pass on.
  • The day of your wedding, plant a tree or a rose bush that you can watch grow throughout the years of your marriage.
  • A perfect gift from the groom can be a charm bracelet. With each year, in celebration of your wedding anniversary, a new charm can be added.

When you've returned from your honeymoon and have packed away your dress, you'll want to get a special box in which you can carefully pack all of your wedding treasures. Someday you can share them with your daughter(s) and future daughters-in-law.


We Think You'll Love...Love Sparkle Pretty!

Happy Friday, friends! Today we are showcasing Love Sparkle Pretty and their beautiful hair adornments. This shop is Victorian inspired and has statement bridal crowns, veils and jewelry! Here are a few pieces we love, click here to view the full collection!



Patriotic Matrimony!

We are still buzzing from the Fourth of July festivities so today we are inspiring you with a board that involves patriotic matrimony! A wedding around the Fourth would be perfect for you and your patriotic partner!


top row: the thrifty crafter; Monogram Wedding
bottom row: jardin weddings; a pair of pears